The Mob Grows Larger: Legoman and Susej Get Promoted to SWAT Leadership

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – In a new era of CPPS armies, two people have stepped down from the helm of leadership at the Special Weapons and Tactics; however, the Special Weapons and Tactics army has also instated two new leaders, ready for the challenge. SWAT is now ready to introduce new wrath upon leaders, this time with Legoman and Susej.

Recently within the Special Weapons and Tactics army, two of their many revered leaders: Stare3000(Oli) and Aubz—have decided to leave the SWAT leadership team for their own personal reasons, with Oli deleting his Discord account as well. Both Oli and Aubz have had an illustrious career in armies; SWAT and CPAHQ wish them the best. However, SWAT was not ready to give up their leader count yet, appointing two of their mighty Leaders in Training to the prestigious rank of SWAT commander.

Legoman started his army in the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin, although he quickly ventured himself into the Ice Warriors. Throughout his time in Ice Warriors, he progressed slowly up the ranks, while also running his own army named after him: “LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH“. After a while, he found his way into the SWAT army, and decided to carry his legacy into SWAT; eventually, he decided to enlist in SWAT full-time. In between his career at SWAT, he led the Island Invaders; he warred another army called the Fire Warriors during this time. After merging the army back into SWAT, he achieved the title of Leader-in-Training. After a while of being a dedicated troop, he was promoted to Commander.

Susej, on the other hand, started her journey in armies in the Redemption Force. Sometime after her departure from RF, she decided to make her way to SWAT as well. She successfully ranked up all the way to SWAT Leader in Training, before the army started using the CP Rewritten and CP Chapter 2 private servers. After Oli and Aubz left the army earlier this week, she was promoted, along with her colleague, Legoman, to the highest rank.

CP Army Headquarters was lucky enough to get an interview from Legoman.

Interview with Legoman, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader

CPArmyHQ: As a SWAT leader, what are your main goals for the army?

Legoman: My main goals are to establish stronger sizes and especially increase the frequency that new troops attend. I intend to find ways to encourage new troops to want to come back and come to the events, besides them hearing my extremely attractive voice, when I masterfully vc lead. I would also like to bring SWAT up to rival the other major superpowers and remain consistent with larger maxes. I would also like to increase recruiting, as it is one of the most crucial aspects of growing an army. I would also like to bring my lovely grandfather, Poppy, back to the army scene.


CPArmyHQ: Is there anything that you would’ve liked to have done better before you were promoted to leader?

Legoman: Not to toot my own Lego horn, but I think I did quite exceptionally as a Leader-In-Training. If anything I would have advertised more in my zoom classes, and spent less time flirting with my lover Firestar08 in bot commands. Jokes aside (except the bench pressing that was legit :muscle:), I am extremely proud of my rise through the spectacular SWAT army, and it has been a journey that I have immensely enjoyed.

CPArmyHQ: What is your personal goal in armies now that you are a leader of a prestigious major army?

Legoman: My personal goal would be to one day achieve the coveted title of SWAT Legend (as long as Badboy stops revoking people’s ranks smh) because I intend to stay in SWAT for the remainder of my army career and raise it to new heights. And since I’m hella bored I’ll probably be here for at least a year. I would like to utilize this time to grow the army and reinforce the spectacular groundwork that my coleaders have established.


With the very detailed interview, we can see that Legoman and Susej have a very impressive vision for the future of SWAT, as well as some major personal goals in armies. Legoman, being a leader who has proved to max high and win many battles against various armies, is sure to excel; on the other hand, Susej has another vast background, and the pair is sure to help SWAT conquer their short-term and long-term goals to rule.


What do YOU think? Do YOU think that SWAT will undersee changes that will be beneficial? Do YOU think that SWAT could possibly reach one of their coveted goals at a quicker pace? Make sure to comment your opinion below!


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