Water Vikings Return to the Community

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – As a wave of new armies resurge back into the community, another has followed suit. The Water Vikings have returned for another generation and the wave will be feared once again.

The Water Vikings were founded in 2010 by Jed Pen and Zakster, consisting of a merge from the Masked Vikings and the Water Troops. Throughout their life, Water Vikings have maxed incredible sizes and consistently asserted their power over their opposition with unique and flamboyant tactics.

On the 13th January 2021, Water Vikings announced their closure on discord. Many armies around this time had decided to close due to the climate of the community at the time, regarding safety online. The announcement further clarifies this point;

“Given the circumstances of the community as of right now, the High Council of Vikings have decided that, due to the recent incidents regarding safety of our staff, we have been left zero options.”

However, it seems time is the great healer of all things. Just a month on from their closure, a new generation had emerged from the waves. In an announcement, by Kingfunks, on the Water Vikings discord server on the 2nd February 2021, the Water Vikings declared an official revival for yet another generation of Vikings. Kingfunks expressed the following;

“I am excited to announce that the legendary Water Vikings are ONCE AGAIN OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The Water Vikings will once again host CP events after it was deemed the right time to do so. This announcement follows a unanimous vote from the leadership, as well as a majority vote from the High Council of Vikings”.

As seen above, levels of excitement and euphoric emotions are currently surrounding the Water Vikings army. Revivals tend to generate high levels of excitement and motivation, which is expressed within their announcement. The new generations leadership consists of Guncotton, Superhero, Potassium, Fedd and Hydro. Hydro had been a 2ic rank within the army previously and has been working hard to rise up to the leadership position.

Today, 7th February 2021, the Water Vikings held their first opening event. They managed to max a staggering 40 on their first revival event. Clearly, this generation will be looking to expand and increase their growth.

To gain further clarity and information behind the revival of the new Water Vikings generation, CP Army HQ requested an interview with Kingfunks, High Council of Viking.

Interview with Kingfunks, High council of Viking.

CPArmyHQ: So the Water Vikings have returned for another generation, what sparked this decision?

Kingfunks: So we felt that it was now safe to relaunch having taken all the necessary steps, and the whole leadership was keen on reopening. It had been a couple weeks in the making with a lot of discussion, but I feel that we have made the right decision.

CPArmyHQ: Do you believe that this generation can reach previous heights and even grow further?

Kingfunks: There is no reason that this generation can do just as well, if not better, than the previous generation and those before 2016 because the leaders are so dedicated and they have all the right things in place – it shows how well they are doing when they have been away for a month and at such short notice managed to get 40+ again.

CPArmyHQ: I see some familiar faces are behind the leadership of this new generation; including Guncotton, Potassium, and Superhero. Hydro has earnt a place within this generations leadership. How much potential do you believe Hydro, and these leaders have within this new generation?

Kingfunks: Hydro has been 2ic in the army for a while now and he has been so important behind the scenes in the decision making, he has earnt this rank and he has so much potential as leader. The other leaders have shown how great they have been in the army so far, but I feel that they can do even better and prove themselves to the rest of the community.

CPArmyHQ: Are the Water Vikings confident that the current climate is suitable for a revival? Also, how will you be approaching things differently based on changing circumstances?

Kingfunks: We are confident that things are looking forward and it is suitable for a revival, yes. As I said before we have taken any measure needed to make this possible. I don’t think we will be approaching much differently, we do need to find a way to breed motivation with there inevitably being less wars in the months ahead.

CPArmyHQ: Is there anything you would like to add?

Kingfunks: Just fear the wave!


It is clear to see from the interview that Funks is very optimistic in regards to this new generations potential success. Water Vikings believe that now is the right time to make a comeback and to position themselves in the community once again. Overall, it is thus clear that the wave is upon the community again, this time with a fresh leadership at the helm.


What do YOU think? Do YOU think that this generation will be a success? Do YOU believe they have what it takes to compete at the very top? Comment below!


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