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KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Welcome to Club Penguin Army Headquarters, the new home for all army news!  It is a great honor of mine to return to the helm of a website in this community, and I would like to give you a chance to learn about CPAHQ and it’s purpose.

Before I begin, I would like to talk about how my time in armies has led me to this position: Director in Chief of CPAHQ.  I began working in media in 2013 for Club Penguin Army Focus.  From there, I quickly transitioned to Small Medium Army Central, and then on to Club Penguin Army Central, where I split my time between there and Small Medium Army Press before my retirement in 2016.  I started off writing reports but shifted to writing editorials when I got to CPAC. In 2019, I was a league administrator for Club Penguin Armies, the then leading home for Club Penguin Rewritten Armies.  I’ve spent the past year as an advisor at Club Penguin Army Media and Club Penguin Army Hub.

Now with the humble brags out of the way, let’s get down to business.  Building CPAHQ has been a collaborative process.  A team of experienced individuals have banded together to make this website possible, in a time where the community so desperately needs a sense of normalcy.  When discussing with each other, it was a foregone conclusion that armies needed to return to their traditional values for the near future.  CPAHQ has been set up as if it’s descendants were websites of the past.

In the olden days we oh so love to talk about, armies operated without a league format.  Affairs were much less connected, meaning a news site was necessary to cover the going-ons in the community.  The news site operated as a press agency, not as an authoritative agency.  As a news site, CPAHQ is not a governing system.  This site exists solely to report activity from armies.  This will help foster the community we have, creating a place where people can digest information without worrying about hidden agendas and bureaucratic nonsense.  A place where the reader is allowed to come to their own conclusions.  And a place where the reader is safe and out of harms way.

CPAHQ will begin without components that some community members are used to.  The first one being that there is no longer a main chat on our Discord server.  After two years of attempting to police the masses, it’s become evident that we can longer have a main chat without putting people in it in danger.  The main chat was used as a leverage piece by many people, and quite simply, it was often an unenjoyable place regardless.  CPAHQ will also not be operating a league for the time being.  This topic was spoken about at great lengths, and it was concluded that the timing just isn’t right for a league to return.  We would like to explore it’s possibilities at a later date, but right now, we are only focused on providing news to the community.  And lastly, because of the absence of a league, we are not launching with a judging team.  This is another thing that will be explored down the road, though it will be discussed about sooner than a league is.

The above variables have torn apart community hubs for two years straight now.  But what is CPAHQ bringing to the table?  The administration team is ready to provide the community with fast, eloquent, and informative news on all things pertaining to armies, as well as thought-provoking editorials about our community.  We are prioritizing safety within the community, as made evident by our limiting of features that have proven to be troublesome.  Lastly, we are excited to explore ways to get the community to have fun together, whether that is through tournaments, site competitions, or engagement through pieces of media.

Before I share a statement from KingFunks4, I would like to briefly discuss the inner components of CPAHQ.  We are operating on a much smaller staff than our predecessor did, and have streamlined positions to be taxing on people who have gallantly stepped up to work for the community.  Every staff member is united in the vision of making this website reliable and enjoyable.  That is the sole focus of our goals to growing CPAHQ.

KingFunks4 has been instrumental in setting up CPAHQ as a whole.  As such, he offered some words to the community:

There is no doubt that this has been the rockiest month in CP Armies since the transition to CPPS in 2017, with some huge challenges for armies to overcome. I have been so impressed and delighted with the response of armies during the past month, with armies working together to try and overcome these issues – even those that were against one another in some of the biggest wars last year. It is this determination that is the reason we are still standing 15 years on from our inception.

However, these challenges, including the closure of flash and safety concerns, did inevitably result in the closure of CP Army Hub. CP Army Hub acted as one of the most successful news sites and leagues in the CPPS Army era, but it would be poor decisions and a lack of communication that would ultimately result in its closure. We felt that now was the time to launch a new media website for CP Armies, which would once again act as the centre for all armies. Without such existence, we truly do lack somewhere for the community to mix and be aware of what is going on outside the confines of their own army discord. However, my promise to you is that we will take any concerns seriously, and the way in which we operate will rely on the input of all of our advisors and administrators, who come from all across our community.

We hope that you appreciate that in the comings few months we will not be operating as a league, meaning there will be no rule setting or map, which DMT has discussed in more detail in this post. Putting aside the operational concerns that this would raise, we have also consulted major army leaders and feel that there is no appetite for such a structure at this moment in time.

I look forward to being involved in helping the administrators and editors behind the scenes to launch the latest CP Army news site. My end goal is not in doubt – we do not want to be a short-term fix. My goal is to ensure that CP Army HQ is here to stay, and to be a name that everybody remembers and respects. As a former four-time CPA Central CEO, I know that no website has come close to emulating the sustained success of this website – but there is no reason that this can not be our aim, and we will try our best to reach this standard for the good of the whole community, which needs a trustworthy and well run news site to move forward into the post-flash era.

Funks shares the sentiment that all of our lovely administration team has for you all.  We cannot thank you enough for your cooperation and your dedication to keeping this community alive.

The entire staff of CPAHQ is excited to embark on this adventure, and we hope you are along for the ride.

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  1. Zing King To February 8, 2021 (2:27 am)

    Being a news site first was always in my eyes the most vital thing for CP Army Central to do. You simply can not govern through force and no one had the right to govern something that was simply a creation of fun. I rate the fact that you guys are putting news first as it should be. People in this community will have come to either like or hate me, but the one thing I hope is constant with them all, is they know the dedication, the love and the passion that I had from day one for this. For bringing together a community united in knowledge, discussion and entertainment.

    While I do not believe the team here believes there is a role for me to play, I do want to just wish you all well, I want to extend my hand and congratulate you all on this. I sincerely hope that this works out for you all. I want to give a special mention to Kingfunks, Supa Em and Orange. All three are on the Board of Advisors and all three have been members of the CPAC 5 faction that was formed earlier this year! These three guys are some of the most talented people that ever stepped foot into this community, regardless of generation.

    I sit here simply shocked that Club Penguin Armies have manged to withstand the test of time, but with times like this – it becomes clear why. We love this. We care about this! It’s okay to hang on to that little piece of our childhood and take that wth us as we continue into later life – and that’s a concept I never truly understood.

    While it’s no secret that there are plenty of people involved in this site that could not care if I lived or died, and many of them have good reason: I want to wish you all luck on building this site. I want this to succeed. While I’m not active in the community or even discord any more, I have a handful of good friends that I have made over the years on my personal social media networks. I’m sure that they will remain on my networks even after I’m gone

    I wish every single person reading this a happy and safe year with all the success you can think of. Goodbye!

    • Superhero123 February 8, 2021 (9:33 pm)

      I also told you in DMs, but thank you for this very sweet comment, really means a lot to everyone in CPAHQ :D!

  2. Atticus February 12, 2021 (3:13 am)


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