Dino Promoted To Viking Commander

Following a recent string of leadership changes, Dino receives a promotion to the leadership of the Water Vikings. It will be exciting to see how this experienced leader puts his plans for the army into action.

Dino joined the community in January 2015 as a part of the Dark Warriors. However, he first became active in the Rebel Penguin Federation in the summer of the same year. However, he didn’t stay with the Rebels for too long the first time around. He eventually found his way to be a part of the Lime Green Army. Dino would go on to become the Third in Command of the Limes, and later on, spearheaded its 2020 revival. Later on, he joined armies the like of the Romans, the Underground Mafias Army, the Templars, the Army of Club Penguin, and even led the Doritos.

Despite gracing such a vast array of armies with his presence, Dino always had an affinity with the Water Vikings. Through his ties with Pjayo and Tymatt, he grew acquainted with other Viking legends like Adden, Buddy, and Kingfunks4. Despite eventually deciding not to merge his army with them, he helped shadow found the Golden Guardians in 2020. Golden Guardians is the army that preceded the modern era Water Vikings. He served as an advisor of the Vikings in 2020 but never joined the army for a substantial period of time until May 2022, when he made his formal return as the Vice Commander.

Dino’s announcement following his promotion

On September 13th, Aaronstone announced Dino’s promotion to Viking Commander. The promotion came following Adden and Buddy’s recent departure from the army, and Mabel’s promotion to leader. After his promotion announcement, Dino released a long statement highlighting the army’s future plans. The plans included improving communication, adding more community activity and instilling army pride. There are also plans to bring improvements in the Vikings’ website content and a friendlier environment for the staff. Moreover, Dino stated that he was confident in the abilities of his co-leaders, and that he expected his mentors to approve of his mission.

A duck party prior to Dino’s ascension to leader

To know more about his thoughts regarding the Vikings’ future and his promotion, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dino for an interview.

In your announcement, you revealed quite a lot of goals that the army’s leadership has planned. What are the areas that you specifically will be working on as a new leader?

I intend on tackling any pre-existing dilemmas, such as improving WV’s recruitment again with the return of the recruitment regiment after two years. I also look forward to innovating what other fields such as offering new incentives. Nitro giveaways are great and all, but what happens when the primary supplier eventually retires? And regardless of if giveaways for nitro continued or not, I do feel offering more appropriate giveaways will draw in even more people. We intend on bringing back the Minecraft server within the coming week or so as a SMP. We intend on offering certain resources for all attendees, and giveaways for custom modeled items.

“But wait!”, you might be saying, doesn’t “Templars and SWAT already do this?” Yes. We see this model as a successful one. But like I always say, sometimes these are only half of the actual equation. We intend on building a bit of a Roblox sub-division for game-nights and all and build a community through that as well. That way, any Robux giveaways we might do, will be more plentiful.

We have discussed a lot of things plans, but we aren’t too ready to disclose them all yet. We’re taking things one step at a time so we don’t prematurely rush them. Water Vikings [WV] was bordering small-medium status last time this year (as much as I hate to admit it). This year, we will only be building a self-sufficient base and fight against the “autumn drop

What kind of leader do you aim to be?

I’m a firm meritocrat. If I see someone putting in hard work [then] I will make sure to reward them appropriately. Obviously that doesn’t mean activity equals high-ranking by default. I value maturity highly, but I’m aware of the demographic I have to work with. That is why I am looking to heavily emphasize on mentorship and better staff communication. Something that I lacked in late 2018 as a General is maturity (despite being one of the most active staff).

I don’t want active individuals to stay immature forever since if they can improve in that field, their competence will go a long way. Being chill whilst also valuing strong ethic is a policy many successful leaders have practiced (Twitchy with 2018, Koloway with 2019-20, Ultipenguinj with 2019-20, etc.) and has proved to work. I should know since I served under quite a few of them, one of whom practically was my mentor.

Do you think the Water Vikings will be seen even more often in the Top Two now that you’re here to help out with these changes?

2nd place is a fairly easy spot in this current atmosphere, so yes. We want it and it will be ours. Baby steps, obviously, but the key is to lock-down 2nd place. You can only accomplish something if you’re determined for it.

Would you like to give a message to the readers?

The Treaty of White House (November 2013) was the worst treaty in [our community’s] history.

Dino is stoked to be back at the helm of an army and has big plans for the Water Vikings. It will be exciting to see what the Water Vikings do in the coming months with him at the wheel. How will the Water Vikings change with a new addition to their leadership team? What can we expect from Dino in the future?

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