Top Ten Statement Regarding SWAT and Club Penguin Forever

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: The following is a joint statement between the CP Army Network and CP Army HQ regarding recent events that have taken place on the CPPS Club Penguin Forever and in regards to the Special Weapons and Tactics.

Since last week, SWAT started having events on the CPPS Club Penguin Forever whose source code was identical to Yukon, another CPPS that is infamous for how easy it is to multilog on.  This was addressed by implementing a 0.6 multiplier for all events planned on Yukon-style CPPS across the leagues.  However, the issues with Club Penguin Forever did not stop there.

As SWAT leader Legoman is the creator and owner of CP Forever, this means he also runs the community Discord server for the platform and has been using it to inflate his army’s sizes by pinging the players to attend SWAT events, hosting various giveaways for in-game currency & Discord Nitro, but also moderating the game in a way that someone would have to be in SWAT uniform to be able to play the game.  The following is part of a statement from CPAHQ Director-In-Chief DMT, who attended the event earlier today.

I had the pleasure of attending the SWAT event that took place on May 28th, 2022 at 4 PM EST. Immediately upon logging on I had to navigate moderator popups that were feeding tactics to attendees. After making my way to the Berg, I was promptly given a 10-year ban. This could be the fact that my username was ‘thiscppssux’, but after making a second account and returning to the berg, ‘innocentguy’ was instantly kicked for not wearing the SWAT uniform. By the time I logged back on, the army was in the Cove, where I went on to ask the moderators why I kept getting kicked, which I was told (by a moderator popup) that I must wear the SWAT uniform. Thus, I joined the masses.

[…] the event was- quite literally- hosted by the CPPS, as it was shown to all members of the CPF server using the Discord Events feature for community servers. The giveaway was also hosted in the CPF server alongside a dedicated event VC.

In conjunction with Club Penguin Army HQ, we are announcing that any event that is hosted by a CPPS will not count in the Top Ten. This includes events that:

– Are posted in the CPPS Discord server
– Are hosted/led in the CPPS Discord server
– Offer in-game currency for attendees
– Have CPPS administrators offer items such as Discord Nitro for attendees Any attempts to find loopholes around this new rule can and will result in a complete ban of the associated CPPS.

Any army is welcome to host events on CPF, given that they follow the aforementioned rules.  Armies should also be reminded that if they do wish to host such an event, the 0.6 multiplier will still be applied.

These new regulations are going into effect immediately, and as such, the SWAT will not be present on tomorrow’s Top Ten Armies.

The administrations of both the CP Army Network and CP Army HQ are satisfied with the measures taken today and want to ensure that every person and army in this community has an equal chance of succeeding and being able to enjoy their time here.


Top Ten Committee Head

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