Top Ten Armies [05/01/2022]-[05/07/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: With CPAB in full swing, the armies are starting to adjust again to their busy club penguin related events.

1. Templars [+0] (78.5)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2] (60.26)

3. Help Force [+0] (49.9)

4. Ice Warriors [-2] (48.75)

5. Water Vikings [+1] (31.)

6. Army of Club Penguin [+3] (22.3)

7. Silver Empire[+0] (22.)

8. Secret Service [-3] (21.5)

9. Red Ravagers [+2] (18.85)

10. Mercenaries [-2] (17.5)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Bose DK Warriors [RETURN] (16.5)

12T. Lime Green Army [-2] (14.5)

12T. Special Weapons and Tactics [RETURN] (14.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Templars: The Templars of Club Penguin gathered on 4 occasions this past seven days. Their first event, dedicated to Spotty, saw 54 valiant knights online. Another 59 warriors of light showed up to their next event, dubbed bellator lucis. The yellow falcons logged on next for their flavo falco operation, with 55 of them flying through the sky. TCP’s weekly denouement was the results of 52 adorned troops pressing the log on button to face the valiant opponents that were IW and ACP, making for a spectacular trifecta.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held 7 events this week as part of their anniversary week.  They began with bringing back their Strike Force events, with 30 attending.  Next up 30 troops and mods took their revenge as they battled against tuba HCOM.  A star wars themed event followed with their allies the Ice Warriors, as 32 stormtroopers hid around the island.  A classic AUSIA event was next in which 26 rebels donned their mining hats and searched for diamonds.  Another ally event followed, this time with the Silver Empire.  A fun practice battle and a capture the flag event peaked at 24.  Next up in their AUSIA event, the troops got to lead as HCOM in this rebel band U-Lead.  A total of 30 attended that event.  To finish off, they had a twin event with 29 attending.


3. Help Force: Help Force held 5 events this week.  They began with BIZARRE BAZAAR a wacky fashion show that had an attendance of 30. Next came Operation: Fruit Frenzy in which 22 helpers dressed as various fruits.  A total of 23 logged on for Battle: Brothers in Arms, a practice battle against Red Ravagers. Mariachi, Maracas Y Matracas followed, an event with ACP to celebrate Cinco de Mayo that peaked at 14.  Last but not least, their AUSIA division logged on for a training event, to prepare themselves for an upcoming battle against the Ice Warriors.  That event peaked at 30.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors hosted a total of 4 events this week. They started the week with The Purge, seeing a max of 36 troops being present. Next, they held an event with the RPF for a Stars Wars Day, where 20 penguins turned up. A fun Beach Day was then held with 27 relaxed Warriors. Lastly, a three-way practice battle was held in conjunction with ACP and TCP, where they maxed 26 troops



5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had just 2 events this week.  First off they went back in time to their roots as they transformed back into Water Troops.  A total of 21 vikings logged on for that throwback event.  A star wars event followed as 23 vikings dressed up as Siths or Jedis and dueled the Silver Empire.

6. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a quiet week with just 2 events.  First off came Cinco de Mayo: Battle of the Nachos, a practice battle with Help Force that saw a max of 13 clovers.  Next up came their AUSIA division with a rainbow outfit event as they headed into the 3rd week of McHappy’s Homecoming.  That event maxed at 12.


7. Silver Empire: Silver Empire of CP has two events this week! They kicked things off with their practice battle against RPF and maxed 13 penguins. Their last event was their The Silver Sith Takeover in honor of May the 4th. This event also included a practice battle with Water Vikings which they maxed 14 penguins!

8. Secret Service: Secret Service only had one event this week which was their three-way practice battle with Red Ravagers and Lime Green Army. They maxed 17 penguins at the battle


9. Red Ravagers: Red Ravagers had a busy week with a total of 10 events! They started out the week with an EU and US prom, which both events maxed nine penguins. Next was their AUSIA Impromptu Tea Appreciation, a total of 4 penguins came out to have some tea. Next up was their Simon says the event, which maxed 10 penguins. Another Impromptu event came to light with a Word From Our Sponsor event! 5 penguins attended and showed up. They then had a star wars themed practice battle with Help Force, with 7 troops in attendance. The same day they had an Impromptu Defend Against the Evil event also maxing 7 penguins. Another AUSIA event was hosted on Friday titled, Getting Ravvy With it and 4 penguins attended. Derby Day event took place on Friday during the US timezone and 8 ravengers attended. To wrap up their busy week, they had a three-way practice battle with Secret Service and Lime Green Army, maxing a total of 6 penguins during that event.


10. Mercenaries: Mercenaries had only one event this week which was an EU training event. They maxed 14 penguins.



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