Top Ten Armies [04/03/2022]-[04/09/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: March Madness concludes this week as yesterday we saw the winners of MM. Between MM and summer, no major tournament is noted to take place. However, the announcement of CPAB could be the next big step for armies to tackle.

1. Templars [+0] (69.66)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (66.4)

3. Ice Warriors [+0] (61.89)

4. Help Force [+0] (61.5)

5. Secret Service [+1] (31.)

6. Water Vikings [-1] (29.5)

7. Army of Club Penguin [+3] (27.25)

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] (22.)

9. Silver Empire [-2] (15.5)

10. Fighter Pilots [+0]  (10.)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Red Ravagers [-3] (9.)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Templars: The Templars held 3 events this week. First off, they had a practice battle against the Red Ravagers where they maxed 50 penguins. Next up, their Operation: Hi Top Ten saw a max of 56 templars. Their last event was another practice battle, this time against the Fighter Pilots, with 58 attending the event.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a total of nine events. They started off the week with their March Madness Semifinals against Ice Warriors, maxing 51 penguins! Their first AUSIA of the week was Operation: Bad Hair Day, maxing 26 penguins. Operation easy-breezy took place with 25 penguins in attendance. Operation: Puffle clash underwent with 26 Puffles attending. Their second AUSIA of the week was Operation: First Responder, maxing a total of 25 penguins. Oink, Oink, Operation Three Little Pigs underwent with 27 little pigs attending. This was followed by operation: CTF maxing 24 penguins. The last AUSIA of the week was Operation: Work It maxing 26 penguins. Finally, to wrap off the week with their operation: Only the Brave event, that also maxed 26 penguins.

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had an exciting week where they hosted 6 events. They began by defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation at the March Madness semifinals, with a max of 60 members. Following this achievement, they celebrated at a “Victory Royale Party” where they maxed 20. With the MM finals looming close, 26 Warriors faced the Army of Club Penguin in a friendly practice battle. Taking a break from their preparations, they held an AUSIA “Sensei Takeover”, maxing 21 penguins. The army then had 23 troops participating in a training event for the big day. At last, the March Madness finals vs the Help Force, saw 48 Warriors battling in a tight match, ultimately winning the tournament. Congratulations!

4. Help Force: The Help Force had 2 events this week. They kicked it off with a March Madness Training event known as Operation: Thunderstorm, which maxed 32 Helpers. They ended off their week with an intense March Madness Finals battle against the Ice Warriors, which saw 66 penguins log on to support the army. Great work to the Help Force in their battle!

5. Secret Service: Secret Service had two events this week! They first had a war training that maxed 21. Followed by a card Jitsu tournament that maxed 28 penguins!

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held a total of 2 events this week. They started the week off with a Vikings U-Lead event, which saw a max of 24 troops in attendance. This was followed by a fun ‘Rescuing Revans Sheep’ event, which saw 19 penguins taking part in it.

7. Army of Club Penguin: Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin held 4 events this week. First off they began with a card Jitsu tournament with 13 attendings. Next up, they faced Ice Warriors in a fun practice battle that peaked at 8. Their AUSIA division returned just in time for McHappy’s Homecoming. A total of 14 clovers were logged on for the festivities. Last but not least, ACP welcomed back their Spec Ops event, with an AUSIA event that maxed 6.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics army held a total of 2 events this week. The first event saw a max of 12 penguins in attendance, while their second event saw a max of 17 penguins attending.

9. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held 1 event for the week. That 1 event involved the Silver Empire’s showcase of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which sees 12 penguins logging in attendance.

10. Fighter Pilots: Fighter Pilots had one event this week, which was their practice battle vs. Templars of CP. They maxed 6 penguins.


Tune in next week for Sunday Dose of Top Ten!

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