Top Ten Armies of The Month (srs)

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: There’s a 104 armies of club penguin and school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem of the Top Ten is finding a good way to figure out which ones are the multilogs.  We are happy to present you the real Top Ten Armies of the Month: March Edition.

1. Perry the Platypus Army [NEW] (6969.)

2.  The platypus Crusaders [+1] (4200.)

3. Doofenzshmirt Evil Inc. [RETURN] (3000.)

4. Vanessa was hotter [+5] (666.)

5. Just a Regular Platypus army [-2] (150.58)

6. Giving a monkey a shower [NEW] (???????)

7. Cadence against the Universe [+9] (she deserves 0 points cause she’s annoying)

8. Perry Fedora Army [RETURN] (69.3)

9. Ferb Inc. [best] (5.)

10. Baljeet’s dab [+84] (87.56)

-Close to Top Ten-

11. Squirrel in my pants army [pain] (-580)

To view calculations, please click here.

Moooooom, phinease and ferb are making a title sequence.

CPAN’s Board Members

Perry the Platypus

Top Ten Committee Heads

Perry the platypus because Link and DrQueen got couped hooray.

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