Top Ten Armies [03/20/2022]-[03/26/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: The week continues as we move on the quarter-finals round of March Madness.

1. Templars [+0] (74.5)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (61.1)

3. Ice Warriors [+0] (56.88)

4. Water Vikings [+1] (49.86)

5. Help Force [-1] (48.18)

6. Secret Service [+0] (34.5)

7. Red Ravagers [+1] (24.)

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [RETURN] (22.)

9. Army of Club Penguin [+1] (21.83)

10. Silver Empire [-1] (18.)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Templars: This week the Templars of Club Penguin enjoyed 4 events this week. First, they trained for the upcoming March Madness tournament, and maxed 57. Next, they hit a max of 54 in their battle with ACP and WV. They had another training event in preparation for March Madness, achieving 51 penguins online, and wrapped up the week by maxing 51 at an ultimate countdown event.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation had their busy week with eight events. First up was operation you should be dancing and maxed 26 penguins. Their first AUSIA of the week was Operation: Flex and maxed 24 penguins. Next came their card jitsu tournament with their Operation: Elemental Return, maxing a total of 29 penguins. Operation: Getting Ripped made its way this week with 27 penguins in attendance. Things got spicy with their Operation: Spicy, 32 penguins dressed as hot sauce bottles. Operation: Quicksilver, a marvel themed event, maxed 25 penguins. They hosted a bubble tea training event, in their Operation Tea Triumph and maxed 25. Their last event of the week was their March Madness Quarterfinals against ACP that maxed 47 penguins!


3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week with 6 events in total.  With their first battle of March Madness approaching, they logged on for an AUSIA mining training event, with 23 attending.  Another sneaky training followed, as 32 penguins became ninjas for this event.  Next up was a practice battle against the Secret Service, that peaked at 27.  Things got spicy afterwards, with an AUSIA Hot Sauce Takeover, that had 18 attending.  The last training event before the March Madness Quarter Finals saw 26 penguins perfecting their formations and tactics.  Last but not least, they faced the Water Vikings in the Quarter Finals of the March Madness tournament, where 41 warriors attended.


4. Water Vikings: Water Vikings hosted a total of 5 events this week. They began with round 1 of March madness, where they managed to max 20 penguins. Next, they had a US Miner Takeover, where they managed to max 22 penguins, followed by an Ausia Card Jitsu event, where they maxed 10 penguins. Following this, WV dressed up in Hot Sauce outfits, and tookover the lands of CPR while maxing 22 penguins. To finish off the week, the Water Vikings put up a great battle against IW in round 2 of March Madness, where they managed to max 35 penguins. Overall, a very eventful week for the Water Vikings.


5. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of 4 events this week. They started the week with a fun AUSIA Holi event, where 29 penguins were in attendance in their colourful clothing. Next, they celebrated the Ninja Party’s arrival by having their 32 troops logging on with their ninja costumes. This was followed by another costume event, where 20 Helpers logged on dressed as hot-sauce bottles, pretending to be ingredients. To conclude the week, they had a practice battle with Red  Ravagers, which saw 27 troops in attendance.


6. Secret Service: Secret Service hosted two events this week. They first had an Operation: Golden Agents which maxed 18. Their last of the event of the week was a Practice Battle against Ice Warriors, which maxed 30 penguins.


7. Red Ravagers: Red Ravagers hosted two events this week. First they held an Hide and Seek that maxed 7 penguins. Their last event of the week was a practice battle against Help Force, which maxed 17 troops.


8. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held two trainings this week. The first event maxed 8 penguins and the second training maxed 21.


9. Army of Club Penguin: Army of Club Penguin hosted three events this week. They started off the week by showing off their amazing cooking skills at the Clovers Cook Delicious Recipes. They maxed nine penguins. The following event was a ninja Journey takeover that maxed 12 penguins. Lastly, they faced against RPF in the Quarter-Finals of March Madness, also maxing 12 at this event.


10. Silver Empire: Silver Empire held two events this weeks. They started things off with Sushitron (pizzatron) 3000 event and they maxed 10 events! To end the week off, they held an EU training event that maxed 11 troops.

We thank you for tuning into this uninterrupted broadcast of your Sunday Top 10 sponsored by CPAN. Tune in next week to see how armies are doing.

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