Judges Eye: Round One of the March Madness VII

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – A few days back, the army community witnessed the four battles of Round 1 take place for March Madness VII. While the ones on Sunday cannot be considered as battles, due to one of the armies not showing up for it, the two battles that happened on Saturday were refereed by a total of 6 judges. What are their thoughts on these two battles?

Last weekend, the iconic March Madness commenced for the seventh time with the first four battles of Round 1 happening on either of the two days. The results of Round 1 can be found in this post – March Madness VII: Round One Results. Since the other army did not show up for Round 1, the battles on Sunday were won by the army that did turn up for it. However, for the first two battles that happened on Saturday – both the armies turned up, and a total of 6 judges were appointed to judge them. The first battle on Saturday was between the Silver Empire and the Red Ravagers, followed by the second battle which was between the Secret Service and the Fighter Pilots.

Silver Empire vs. Red Ravagers | March Madness VII – Round 1.

Secret Service vs. Fighter Pilots | March Madness VII – Round 1.

United Media had the opportunity to talk to DrQueen and Yodabobobo about the battle between the Silver Empire and the Red Ravagers, Mare about the battle between the Secret Service and the Fighter Pilots, and IceQueen who was a judge for both the battles.


What are your thoughts on the battle?

DrQueen: It was an interesting battle! Great performance from both ends.

IceQueen: Overall, my thoughts align with what was written for the results summaries. The battles were well fought, SE and SS were prepared and also had size which was a deciding factor in the winners for each battle room. I commend RR and FP for sticking till the end and even if it was a slow start they continued to put more effort as battles progressed.

Mare: It was a fun battle to watch because my wife Aubz attended.

Yodabobobo: The battle was a fun one to judge with plenty of action from both sides!

Any particular moment(s) in the battle that you liked?

DrQueen: This battle kept me on my seat for a little. Silver Empire did a great job starting off strong in all three rooms and keeping that momentum throughout, but Red Ravagers would at a few times increase in size and cover SE, I was interested to see if RR would keep that momentum to overtake the room, hence keeping me on my seat.

IceQueen: The most memorable or funniest moment for me I would say is when the SS and FP battle took a turn when insults were thrown at me and Koloway. We saw the appearance of ‘Aqua Penguins’, attempting a 3-way battle however SS remained their ground and took victory.

Mare: I liked the Aqua Penguins the most they made it enjoyable.

Yodabobobo: I enjoyed it all.

What do you have to say about both the armies’ tactics, formations, speed, and creativity?

DrQueen: Silver Empire did well with fast formations and getting into the room quickly. They used pretty much all their troops to cover RR throughout all three rooms, was quick and had the size advantage. Red Ravagers did start off the battle kind of slow as 1-2 troops where not doing tactics and there were some gaps in their formations in room 1. But they did picked up more more speed in Room 2-3 + saw an increase in their size, but that momentum between size and speed kept fluctuating, not enough to warrant a room win.

IceQueen: SE were impressive in their variety of clean forms and bombs/wipes. SS had good size however sometimes the forms weren’t suitable and had gaps. RR and FP had times where majority of troops were AFK however FP did at times manage to enter rooms on par with SS and RR had moments were they were able to cover in final room.

Mare: Both armies were good, but SS had a bigger size and were faster with form changes.

Yodabobobo: Silver Empire tended to be more faster in performing tactics and developing clean formations, but both sides did bring out their creativity in tactics.

Which tactic, in your opinion, stood out to you?

DrQueen: I def laughed at the “I CAN SEE SO MANY GAPS I CAN PARK MY CAR” from SE, its a good roast to use in general which I def stole (sorry not sorry) 😂

IceQueen: I just want to say one thing to Pandor: I am NOT stinky.

Mare: Probably the STINKYICEQUEEN one by SS.

Yodabobobo: I did not have any particular tactics that stood out but I enjoyed all the comeback tactics both armies had.

What could have gotten better during the battle?

DrQueen: I wish to see some more creativity from both sides, maybe such as more creative wipes and half/half tactics. Also, probably Red Ravagers size could have remained consistant to give them an advantage.

IceQueen: RR and FP to select forms where they don’t get covered. SS to select better forms suited to size. SE to react faster to moments when they are being covered.

Mare: The battle was good I don’t think anything else could have changed.

Yodabobobo: I think overall everything went smoothly during the battle.

Do you feel that both the armies could have done better than how they performed in the battle? If yes, how?

DrQueen: I think no matter what, big tournament battles is the place where you figure out your armies strengths and weaknesses the most. There is always room to learn from each other and do better going forward, even if you are deemed the winner.

IceQueen: Yes, I do believe they can perform better and the reasons for that are stated above.

Mare: Just formations they could do a bit better on because there were gaps.

Yodabobobo: I think both armies definitely brought out their best for this battle.

Any final comments that you would like to make to the two armies?

DrQueen: Thanks for allowing me to judge! Great job to both armies!

IceQueen: Overall, the battles were well fought and it was alot of fun being able to judge both SE vs RR and SS vs FP! Congratulations to both SE and SS for moving on to MM Round 2!

Mare: Thank you for letting me judge your battle, it was great to watch!

Yodabobobo: It was a great battle from both sides! Nice work to Red Ravagers and Silver Empire 👏

From the conversation above with the judges, it seems that these two battles were certainly interesting to be a witness to and judge. With the quarter-finals just around the corner, we cannot wait to see what happens next, and which armies proceed to the semi-finals! On behalf of the United Media, we wish the armies taking part in the quarter-final round, all the very best! And, may the odds be ever in their favor!

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