March Madness VII: Round One Results

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The first week of March Madness VII has come to an end, and now it’s time to see which of the armies came out victorious and have earned a spot in the quarter-finals.

On March 19th, this year’s March Madness officially began. The first week kicked off with round one that saw eight armies battle it out to secure a place in the next round. Four armies have moved on, so let’s see which four were successful thus earning them a spot to compete in the quarter-finals.

Silver Empire vs Red Ravagers

The first battle of round one saw a battle between the Silver Empire and the Red Ravagers on March 19th. The battle concluded with a 3-0 victory with the Silver Empire being the army to win. Silver Empire started the battle quite strong, and they kept it up for all of the rooms with effective quickness, formations and coverage. The Red Ravagers did their best to keep up, but they fell short due to less clean formations and lower speed.

Winner: Silver Empire

Secret Service vs Fighter Pilots

The second battle of round one was a battle where the Secret Service fought against the Fighter Pilots. This battle also was concluded with a 3-0 victory with the Secret Service coming out on top. Both armies started the battle strong, being equally quick to enter the first room. However, shortly afterwards the Secret Service took control of the battlefield with a size advantage and consistent tactics. This consistency was kept for the rest of the battle. The Fighter Pilots displayed AFK troops in the first and third rooms, and while they did pick up a pace, it wasn’t enough for them to keep the battle close.

Winner: Secret Service

Army of Club Penguin vs Chefs

The third battle of round one was expected to see the Army of Club Penguin go up against the Chefs. Unfortunately, due to the Chefs shutting down prior, the battle never occurred, leaving the Army of Club Penguin to automatically move on to the quarter-finals.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Water Vikings vs Day Warriors

The last battle of Round One involved the Water Vikings and the Day Warriors on March 20th; however, it ended up being short-lived due to the Day Warriors not showing up. Despite this, 28 Water Viking troops proceeded to log on, where they were announced as the winners at the end of room one.

Winner: Water Vikings

March Madness VII definitely started with a bang, as the first two battles ended up ultimately being one-sided whilst the other two battles had armies absent from their battles, resulting in an automatic win. Nonetheless, congrats to the four armies that gained their spots in the quarter-finals. The United Media will continue to bring you all of the latest updates throughout the tournament, and we would like to wish all armies the best of luck for the next round!

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