Top Ten Armies [03/13/2022]-[03/19/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: The March Madness Tournament has officially begun, let’s see how the armies are doing.

1. Templars [+0] (70.83)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (59.92)

3. Ice Warriors [+0] (56.33)

4. Help Force [+0] (55.6)

5. Water Vikings [+0] (35.25)

6. Secret Service [+2] (33.5)

7. Night Warriors [RETURN] (30.9)

8. Red Ravagers [+1] (26.93)

9. Silver Empire [-2] (24.66)

10. Army of Club Penguin [-4] (22.)

–Close to top Ten–

11. Fighter Pilots [+0] (19.)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Templars: Templars of CP held three events this week. In prep for march madness, they held two March Madness training. The first training, in addition to their ACP raid, maxed 54. Their second training maxed 53. A Practice Battle vs Fighter Pilots also occurred and they maxed a total of 57.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a total of 9 events this week, which began with an EU ‘bring On the Brains” event, where they maxed 28 penguins. Next, they had “Best Song Ever” an Ausia event with a max of 27 penguins. After, they had a US “Rebel band” event where they maxed 26 penguins. This was followed by “Ribbiting Rebels”, an EU event with a max of 23 penguins. Shortly after, RPF hosted an Ausia “Shinde Bright like a Diamond” event, where they managed to max 29 penguins. Next, they hosted an EU “Colour Parade” event, with a max of 24 penguins, followed by a US “Flaming Hot Cheetos” event, where they maxed 26 penguins. After this, RPF hosted an Ausia ‘Honour to us All” event, with a max of 25 penguins. To finish off the week, RPF had an EU “Cruella” event, where they maxed 25 penguins. Overall, a very eventful week for the Rebel Penguin Federation.

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had 6 events in total this week.  A fun AUSIA Karaoke event kicked things off with 30 penguins belting out their favourite tunes.  Next up came a froggy floatie event that peaked at 41 ribbiting frogs.  The warriors felt hungry but a Sushi Takeover fixed that.  A total of 23 warriors attended the event.  Celebrations were afoot as St. Patrick’s day arrived, as 22 penguins logged on for a St. Patrick’s parade.  Another AUSIA event followed a Holi Party that peaked at 20 penguins.  They ended their week on a strong note with a practice battle against Help Force, where they maxed 31

4. Help Force: The Help Force had a chill week consisting of 5 events. To kick off their week, they held their AUSIA 4th Anniversary Celebration, maxing 45 penguins. Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Next, the army held a Froggy Frolic event, which saw peak sizes of 24. Continuing their week, Help Force adventured Into The Curry Mines with 26 Helpers joining the adventure. Then, the army held a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration, which saw a max of 29. To close off their week, the Help Force held a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, which saw 25 troops log on to support the army.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had 4 events in total this week.  They began with an AUSIA training event that maxed 20.  Another training event followed to prepare for March Madness that saw 21 Vikings attending.  They followed with another training event, as the first battle was nearing closer, this time with 18 attending.  Finishing off on a light note, with an AUSIA sled racing event,  with 15 penguins racing for gold.

6. Secret Service: Secret Service has had a productive week with 4 events, after receiving Major Army status in CPAN. They Started ff with a March Madness training event, maxing 17 troops. They held additional training maxing 19 troops. A Cart Surfer tournament occurred with 16 penguins in attendance. Lastly, they participated in Round 1 of the March Madness tournament against Fighter Pilots, maxing 18 penguins.

7. Night Warriors: Night Warriors had a total of 2 events this week. They had their returning event, which maxed 35+ troops, and a Night Patrol Event, maxing 36+ troops.

8. Red Ravagers: Red Ravagers hosted 3 events this week. They first held an AUSIA Sled Racing event that maxed 9 penguins. Next up, they showed their appreciation for Sidie9 and 12 penguins came out to show their appreciation! Lastly, they attended round one of the March Madness against Silver Empire and maxed 12 penguins.

9. Silver Empire: Silver Empire held three events this week. They logged on for a Cart Surfer Tournament and celebrated one of their members, Milky’s 1 year in the Silver Empire! They maxed 10 penguins at the event. Next up, they had a Sushi Takeover that also maxed 10 penguins. Lastly, they participated in Round 1 of the March Madness tournament against Red Ravagers and maxed 16 penguins.

10. Army of Club Penguin: Army of Club Penguin held two events this week. They first logged on for a March Madness training plus battle with TCP, maxing 14 penguins. Lastly, the clovers logged on for their St. Patrick’s Day, maxing 18 penguins.

The spirits are high as we enter the tournament and things are only getting madder.

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