March Madness VII: Round One Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – It’s the month of March, and the epochal March Madness is back once again, for its seventh run. This time, twelve armies are taking part, and with the tournament about to commence tomorrow, all the armies are gearing up to give it their best! But which armies will qualify for the next round? Let’s see what the Army Community has predicted about the same!

The first round of March Madness VII is set to begin this Saturday, March 19th, and will continue the subsequent day. Eight out of the twelve armies shall be going against each other, this weekend, in order to determine who will make it to the next round! All the necessary information and details about this upcoming tournament can be found in this post – March Madness VII: Announcement & Round One Information.

When it comes to predicting battles that are going to take place in the near future – everyone has different opinions, thus making the nature of predictions, subjective. Let’s take a look at what the Army Community has to say about the upcoming battles for the first round.

On Saturday, 19th March 2022

Silver Empire vs. Red Ravagers

The very first battle to take place is between two rivals – the Silver Empire and the Red Ravagers. Both the armies have been quite constant when it comes to being in the Top Ten Armies list, and as for the last week, the Silver Empire is in the 8th position and the Red Ravagers stand at the 10th position. What do the predictions look like for this battle?

Sidie9, CPAHQ Director In Chief: Red Ravagers (1-0-2)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

AustinFraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Xing, Major Amry Leader: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Max, MM Staff: Red Ravagers (2-0-1)

Cracked, CPAN Editor: Silver Empire (2-1-0)

Elexonck, Major Army Leader: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Silver Empire (2-0-1)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Silver Empire (3-0-0)


Secret Service vs. Fighter Pilots

The second battle will see the Secret Service and the Fighter Pilots duel it out in the battlefield. Both the armies were revived only recently in this year, and there has been a steady growth that has been evident in both. The Secret Service holds 7th place, in the Top-Ten Armies list, and the Fighter Pilots are at the 11th position, owing to the last week. Given, that it has only been one and a half months since the Fighter Pilots revived – does that put the Secret Service in a position of advantage, having revived a month earlier than them? Let’s see what the community has to say!

Sidie9, CPAHQ Director In Chief: Secret Service (2-0-1)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Secret Service (3-0-0)

AustinFraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Secret Service (3-0-0)

Xing, Major Army Leader: Secret Service (3-0-0)

Max, MM Staff: Fighter Pilots (3-0-0)

Cracked, CPAN Editor: Secret Service (3-0-0)

Elexonck, Major Army Leader: Secret Service (2-1-0)

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Secret Service (2-0-1)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Secret Service (2-0-1)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Secret Service (2-1-0)

On Sunday, 20th March 2022

Army of Club Penguin vs. Chefs

This Sunday will witness the Army of Club Penguin, one of the oldest armies to exist, go against a relatively new army, the Chefs. Given the fair share of tournaments and wars that the Clovers have been involved in, will the Chefs be able to take this win? What does the community have to say about the same?

Sidie9, CPAHQ Director In Chief: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

AustinFraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

Xing, Major Army Leader: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

Max, MM Staff: Army of Club Penguin (2-0-1)

Cracked, CPAN Editor: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

Elexonck, Major Army Leader: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Army of Club Penguin (2-1-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Army of Club Penguin (3-0-0)


Water Vikings vs. Day Warriors

The final battle for the first round will be a combat taking place between the recently-opened Day Warriors and Water Vikings, one of the Major Armies in the community. As this will be the Day Warriors’ first tournament, we are excited to see how they perform. But given Water Vikings’ experience in tournaments and numerous encounters in wars, will the Day Warriors be able to take home, this victory? Let’s take a look at what the army community has to say about it!

Sidie9, CPAHQ Director In Chief: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

AustinFraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Xing, Major Army Leader: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Max, MM Staff: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Cracked, CPAN Editor: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Elexonck, Major Army Leader: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

While the battles on Sunday see some similar predictions, the battles on Saturday have varied responses. It will definitely be interesting to see how all the battles turn out. From United Media, we wish all the armies participating, the best of luck for this tournament. And may the odds be ever in all of their favor!

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