March Madness VII: Bracketology

CP Rewritten, United Media Headquarters – The bracketology tournament returns for the upcoming March Madness VII, with your chance to win a US$15 Amazon gift card and exclusive CP Army Battleground item by correctly predicting the tournament results.

What is Bracketology?

Following on from the CP Army HQ’s bracket challenge last year, the United Media will host the Bracketology competition for March Madness VII. In the same way as the NCAA March Madness, everyone can create their own brackets with their predictions of the results for each battle. After each battle, the United Media will score the brackets. The bracket that accumulates the most points is the winner of the Bracketology competition.

The prizes will be a US$15 Amazon Gift card and a March Madness pin on CPA Battleground when it opens. Predicting a perfect bracket is next to impossible — there is a 0.6% chance of doing so. Hence, being titled the winner of this competition is prestigious in and of itself. Please provide all submissions in the W-L-T (Win, Loss, Tie) format. A sample bracket looks like this:

A sample Bracketology submission — click the image to see clearly.

How does Scoring work?

There will be a dedicated channel for submissions in the official tournament Discord server. Click HERE to join the server. The scoring will be similar to last year. The scores will be updated every week on a spreadsheet run by United Media and posted on each Bracketology post. Please note that scoring will take time and may not be instantly updated.  The scoring system works as such:

  • 1 point for correctly predicting a winner of a match.
  • 3 points for correctly predicting the room score
  • 4 points for correctly predicting the winner of an overtime match — please mark the battle as [OVERTIME] as well
  • 2 additional points for correctly predicting the room score and winner of an overtime match

The ways to score are exclusive from each other. This means if you predict the winner of a match AND the room score of the match correctly, you can get 4 points. If you predict the winner of a regular match correctly, but you don’t predict the room score of a match correctly, you only get one point. Correctly predicting the winner of an overtime match will earn you 4 points. Predicting both the winner and the room score of an overtime match results in 6 points.

United Media will be providing an update of the results after each battle.

What are the Rules?

  • Participants are limited to ONE entry. All submitted entries will be disqualified if a user is found submitting more than one entry or editing after the submission date.
  • The deadline to submit a bracket is 11:59 PM EST on Friday, March 18th, 2022.  After then, the channel will close.
  • After finalizing it, any participant who edits their submission will disqualify their bracket.

Bracketology submissions will be live as soon as it is announced. Good luck to everyone taking part in the March Madness VII Bracketology!

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