Top Ten Armies [02/20/2022]-[02/26/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: A busy week in the army community as Ausia Arena comes to its closure, wars being declared, new judging system, and Top 10’s new rule to armies who host on the CPPS: Yukon. Every year we expect new changes in our community but will all these new changes serve our community for the good?


1. Templars [+0] (70.25)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (68.09)

3. Help Force [+0] (62.8)

4. Ice Warriors [+0] (61.38)

5. Night Warriors [+0(54.9)

6. Water Vikings [+1] (46.75)

7. Secret Service [-1] (32.)

8. Army of Club Penguin [-2] (31.17)

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+5] (24)

10. Silver Empire [-1] (23.6)

–Close to top Ten–

11. Mercenaries [-3] (22.1)

12. Red Ravagers  [+0] (16.5)

13. Legoman Army Hoorah [RETURN] (13.5)

14. Fighter Pilots [-3] (8.5)

15. People’s Imperial Confederation [-1] (7.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

The Yukon size multiplier has been applied to both Night Warriors and Mercenaries. Further information regarding this rule can be found in this post.

1. Templars: The Templars held a total of four events this week. They started the week off with an invasion with 39 troops in attendance. To celebrate 2/22 and the return of Puffles, they had 53 troops attending their event either dressing as yellow Puffles or bringing their yellow puffles for a walk. Their next event saw a total of 49 penguins logging on. Lastly, they held a training event, with a max of 48 troops attending.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF continues to dominate the community with their weekly events and celebrating their Ausia Arena win. They went against Ice Warriors in the Final match of Ausia Arena maxing 57 penguins. Their first AUSIA of the week was their Mascot Mania which maxed 23 troops. Next, they had a Hip-hop event that maxed 28 penguins, followed by a rebel rewind which maxed 27 troops. They also hosted an operation: the boy who lived, a Harry Potter-themed event that maxed 25 troops! RPF clowned around with their Nice Jesters event and maxed 29. RPF likes the color pink, so they hosted a pink-themed event that maxed 32 penguins. Their last event AUSIA event was a Puffle Divas event that maxed 26 penguins. To wrap up the last event of the week, they hosted a friendly neighborhood penguin man takeover which maxed 30.

3. Help Force: This week, the Help Force had 5 events. They maxed 60 to kick off the week with an AUSIA igloo raid event. Followed by an AUSIA pizza event, they maxed 25 chefs. Next, they transformed into puffles and saw 19 puffles online, followed by 24 puffle feeders at the event after that. They wrapped up the week with a puffle takeover event, hitting a max of 39.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had 6 events this week. They started off as strong as it gets, by competing in the finals of Ausia Arena against the Rebel Penguin Federation with an attendance of 51. A fun “Would you rather” event followed, which peaked at 34. The Warriors donned their aprons next alongside their allies Silver Empire, for a Pizzatron Tournament that saw a max of 22. Their Olympics Closing Ceremony followed, with 23 attendings. Next up they had a Simon Says event with Water Vikings that maxed 22 obedient penguins. To finish off their week, they invited SWAT for a chill time around the island followed by a game.

5. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors had an exciting week, with a total of 6 events held. They started the week with 46 penguins attending a Sunday Funday event. This was followed by a training event that saw a max of 47 troops attending. Their next event was also a training event that saw 48 penguins logging on for the takeover. Another training event saw 41 troops partaking in the event. The Night Warriors had a Billie Jean takeover, where they saw a max of 55 troops. Lastly, they ended the week off with a US event which saw a max of 72 troops joining in.


6. Water Vikings: Water Vikings had a very busy week as they witnessed the retirement of their two beloved leaders. On Sunday AUSIA, they held the retirement of Misty, which maxed 39 penguins, and during EU/US hours they witnessed the retirement of their leader, Revan in which that event maxed 40. Following these events, came their clown takeover in which 19 clowns attended. They seem to like Puffle so they had a Puffle t-shirt take over that maxed 25. During the week they had an AUSIA Puffle parade that maxed 17 penguins. Lastly, they had a fun Simon says event with their allies, Ice warriors that maxed 17 penguins.

7. Secret Service: Secret Service had 4 events this week. Starting off on a high note, with a Victory Parade, with 18 attendings. Next up they invaded Pandor’s Trolling Station from The Templars, maxing 15 in the process. Two training events followed that, a war training event and a speed training event. They maxed 15 and 17 respectively.

8. Army of Club Penguin: This week, the Army of Club Penguin hosted 3 events. They kicked off with an All-Star game event, in which they battled the Templars and hit a max of 17. Next, they maxed 21 at their Puffle adoption event and had a practice battle with the Water Vikings. They finished the week with a training event, in which they maxed 17.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: Swat had a total of 4 events this week. First up was their event of truth that maxed 17 penguins. They held two training events, in which both events maxed 11. Lastly, they had a PB with their allies Ice Warriors followed by a showdown, which maxed around 7 penguins.

10. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held a total of three events this week. They began the week with a guitar takeover and scavenger hunt, which saw 10 penguins joining in the fun. Next, they held a practice battle with their allies, the Ice Warriors, seeing a max of 13 troops attending. They ended the week off with a finding four tournament, which saw 9 penguins competing to be the best.

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