‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’ – Grand Final Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – As the end of the first AUSIA tournament of 2022 draws near, two armies are left competing for the trophy. Of these two, which one does everyone think will win AUSIA Arena?

The Semi-Finals have finally concluded following an unexpected extension due to server maintenance. Despite this, our four major armies battled valiantly, with only two progressing to the finals: The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors. Both armies are known for facing each other in various tournament finals, with the Rebels usually the ones to take the trophy. However, the Ice Warriors are a force to reckon with, which makes this week’s predictions one which should be taken to heart.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Ice Warriors

The Grand Finals see these two armies face each other once again for the coveted trophy. The Rebels were able to seize a 3-0 victory against their Semi-Final opponent, the Templars, given higher speeds and uniformity. The Ice Warriors, despite the delay, had an even closer battle against the Help Force, in which a win was narrowly secured with two ties to back up their strength. For the upcoming finals, both armies will need to pull out the stops if they wish to claim the trophy they desire.

The Rebel Penguin Federation facing the Templars | Ausia Arena Semi-Finals

DMT, CPAHQ Administrator: Ice Warriors (2-1-0)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Ice Warriors (2-1-1) (OT)

Light, CPAHQ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (1-1-1) (OT)

Joe, CPAN Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Max, CPAHQ Administrator & Tournament Staff: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

Vedant, Tournament Staff: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

Community poll results:


Community Results for the Grand Final

The trophy is within grasp of our two remaining armies, as they release their beasts for us all to see on Sunday. Will the Rebel Penguin Federation maintain their tournament winning streak? Or will the Ice Warriors pierce that through by claiming the trophy for themselves. United Media will keep you informed of the outcome. Best of luck to both armies!

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