Top Ten Armies [02/06/2022]-[02/12/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: War declarations and tournament setbacks have awaken the community. With everything that is going, how are certain armies affect handling this? Read down below to see what armies have been up to.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3] (70.22)

2. Templars [-1] (68.25)

3. Help Force [+1] (65.51)

4. Ice Warriors [-2] (54.42)

5.Water Vikings [+0] (43.6)

6. Night Warriors [+0] (43.5)

7. Army of Club Penguin [+0] (35.25)

8. Secret Service [+2] (27.75)

9. Silver Empire [-1] (22.)

10T. Fighter Pilots [+1] (21.)

10T. Mercenaries [+2] (21.)

–Close to top Ten–

11. Special Weapons and Tactics [+3] (12.)

12. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] (11.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a total of nine events this week! They kicked off their week with a Murder Mystery event with a total of 31 penguins. Operation: Bizza Stampede was their first AUSIA event that had a total of 25 rebels. Their highest event of the week was their Operation: Rainbow Ranks, which maxed 41 penguins in total. Their next event was an operation: Music Mania that had 38 musicians attend. Their second AUSIA event was a Puffle Palooza that 31 Puffle workers attended. Another EU event hosted a colorful boas event where 30 penguins came wearing their boas. For operation: Good and Anvil, RPF decided to wear anvils as hats with 34 penguins attending. Their last AUSIA event was an adventure-related event where they dressed up as Puffle guides! A total of 24 Puffle guides came to participate. The week’s final event was their operation: Pretty in Pink EU event. Forty-four penguins dressed up in pink!

2. Templars: The Templars had a momentous week, hosting 4 events. To kick start their week, they engaged in a battle with the Army of Club Penguin, maxing 46. Next, the Templars prepared for war, seeing 51 troops prepare for battle. Following this, the Templars relinquished control of Poland so they could re-invade it a short time later; they maxed 47. To conclude their week, 55 Templars logged on for the first war battle against the Army of CP.

3. Help Force: Help Force had 3 events this week, continuing their Combat Specialty Corps Missions.  They began with CSC Mission: Scout, an AUSIA event where they dressed as puffles for this scouting mission, maxing 35.  Next up, the helpers donned their detective outfits for CSC Mission: Chase, as 31 members tried to find and chase the spies along the island.  They finished their week, with CSC Mission: Rise, as their AUSIA troops went drilling around the iceberg in their mining hats.  They maxed an impressive 51.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week with 6 events. To begin their week, the army held a Hide and Seek event maxing 29. Next, 23 Ice Warriors took part in a practice battle against SWAT. Continuing their week, the Warriors held an AUSIA Puffle Takeover which saw peak sizes of 23 penguins. Then, the army held a Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin with 23 penguins logging on to support the army. Finally to close of their week, the Ice Warriors Tipped Da Berg and held an AUSIA Arena Training event with maxes of 28 and 36 respectively.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held 5 events this week.  Their first event of the week was an AUSIA puffle parade, where 16 members logged on dressed as puffles, rolling around the island.  Next up was a classic pizzatron event, with 37 chefs attending.  A puffle handler turned Puffle Roundup Tournament followed, in which 29 vikings logged on ready to feed the puffles.  Cowabanga Surfkings was next, a surfing tournament where they maxed 18.  They ended their week with We put the U in the Scavenger Hunt, a fun Scavenger Hunt U-Lead that peaked at 20 members.

6. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors had their Friday Night CPA Training Event that maxed 27 penguins. They had another Saturday Night CPA Training that maxed 44 penguins.

7. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a moderate week with a total of 5 events. Beginning their week, 18 Clovers logged on to find the lost soldier. Following this, they faced the Templars on the battlefield for a short practice battle, maxing 21. Next, 25 bright green puffles shuffled across the island in preparation for the arrival of the real deal. Continuing with their puffle fever, 19 Clovers dressed in their best greens. To conclude the week, the Clovers logged on for their Super Clovers event, reaching a max of 18.

8. Secret Service: The Secret Service held a total of 4 events. An FFA training event maxed a total of 13 troops.  Their next two saw their troops training, maxing 15 and 11 respectively. With the CPR Anniversary Party out, the army closed their week by raiding the Eclipse server and tipping the iceberg, where they peaked at 25 members online.

9. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a quiet week, with just 2 events.  They began with DANcing Silver, a fun Dance Contest that peaked at 10.  Next they had a farewell event for their former leader Electrumm, in which 19 silvers logged on to salute their Commander one last time.

10T. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots hosted two events after their revival last week. They began with their first training event back on the tracks, maxing 11. A couple of days later, 9 pilots logged on for a fun Connect Four tournament, their final event of the week.

10T. Mercenaries: Mercenaries had a total of two events this week. Their first event was an AUSIA training that maxed 13 penguins. They also had another training that maxed 15 penguins, making it the highest maxing event of the week.

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