Top Ten Armies [01/23/2022]-[01/29/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: The first round of Ausia Arena has began and armies are ready to give it all.

1. Help Force [+3] (72.62)

2. Templars [-1] (69.7)

3. Ice Warriors [+0] (67.65)

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] (62.1)

5. Night Warriors [+2] (43.)

6. Army of Club Penguin [-1] (40.42)

7. Secret Service [+1] (34.5)

8. Water Vikings [-2] (30.55)

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [+2] (27.13)

10. Mercenaries [+2] (26.55)

–Close to top Ten–

11. Bose DK Warriors [+3] (24.83)

12. Silver Empire [-3] (22.5)

13. Fire Warriors [+0] (20.)

14. Special Tactics and Weapons  (19.1)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Help Force: The Help Force held 5 events this week. They started off with an AUSIA pirate party training, hitting 41 penguins online. This was followed by another AUSIA training, this one maxing 38. They hit a max of 20 at their next training, with another AUSIA one the next day, achieving 34 penguins. Lastly, they saw 53 helpers log on for their Quarterfinals Ausia Arena battle against ACP.


2. Templars: The Templars had a busy week filled with 6 fun events. To kick off their week, the Templars raided an Army of Club Penguin event with 43 penguins. The army next invaded Bose DK’s server Kingdom of Ardenelle, which saw peak sizes of 45. Continuing their invasions, the Templars invaded Rabbit Cage, another Bose DK server, which had a max of 52. Next, an AUSIA invasion of Hamsterland was conducted against Bose DK which had 15 Templars log on to support their army. To close of their week, the Templars held two invasions for the servers Hamsterland and Zeus’ Phoque, which maxed 51 and 52 respectively.


3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held 6 events this week.  They began with preparation for AUSIA ARENA, with a training event and pizzatron tournament that peaked at 41.  Next up they released the bounties, with an EU/US Bounty Hunt event that maxed 41 as well.  Two practice battles followed, one against their allies Water Vikings, and one against the Army of Club penguin.  They maxed 27 and 23 respectively.  One last AUSIA training event came next, with 23 warriors sharpening their skills for the quarterfinals.  They finished off their week with a bang,  battling Secret Service in the quarter finals of AUSIA ARENA, maxing 44 and advancing to the Semi-Finals.


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation had their busy usual week with eight events. To kick things off, they dressed up as rebel pirates that maxed 31 pirates. Their first ausia of the week, Operation:Beach M.O.A.B, consisted of 27 penguins wearing life rings. Did someone say another pirate event? They logged on for their pirate themed Hide & Seek that maxed 34 pirates. The rebels then grabed their wooden swords for the Operation: the worth opponent event, maxing 33 worthy penguins. RPF’s second AUSIA consisted of a AUSIA Arena training, which maxed 29 penguins. A Hamilton inspired event also took place as they went around the island performing their terrific tactics and maxed 33 penguins! An igloo stamp collecting event was hosted that maxed 33! The rebel pirate federation came out with their pirate eyepatch and tactics to host their last event of the week maxing 24 pirates!


5. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors held just 1 event this week. They had a pre-training gathering to prepare themselves, as they later held a “Raid of Club Penguin” event, maxing an impressive 38 troops.

6. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of CP held five events, with the first being their UK Scavenger Hunt, which peaked at 21. They then battled against the Ice Warriors, showing a size of 15. 14 AUSIA Clovers showed at a training event and 23 US troops attended their Recycling event. The Army of CP’s last event, the AUSIA Arena Quarter Finals against Help Force maxed at 15.

7. Secret Service: Secret Service had 5 events this week. They began their week with a sled racing tournament where they maxed 14 troops. They then had their qualifier round of Ausia Arena against People’s Imperial Confederation where they emerged victorious with 13 troops online. Next, they had a training event where they maxed 11 penguins. Then they had the quarterfinals in Ausia Arena against IW where they maxed 9 penguins. Finally, they ended their week with a training against Templars where they maxed 25 troops..


8. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a quiet week, with just 2 events.  They began with with a Sword Duel Practice Battle against their allies Ice Warriors where they maxed 20.  Next they had “Walk Walk Fashion Bloc”, a fashion show and practice battles with their allies SWAT and Silver Empire, where they also maxed 20.


9. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation had 3 events this week. They kicked things off strong, battling Secret Service in the first round of Ausia Arena, and maxing 8. Next up, they had their “A Pirate’s Life” event, that saw a max of 9. Ending on a sad note, the confederates logged on for Cabin’s retirement, where 23 confederates saluted their leader once last time.


10. Mercenaries: Mercenaries held 2 events. First, they had a training event for Ausia Arena where they maxed 14.  Next, they put their training to the test, as they competed against Silver Empire in the 1st round of Ausia Arena, in which they maxed 13.


The board saw much shuffling this week, and as we advance further into Ausia Arena Tournament, this is just the beginning.  Which army will come out on top?

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