The Night Warriors Return To The Community

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – Several years after the army had closed down, the Night Warriors have revived for the CPPS community. What can they bring to the table?

In July 2009, the Night Warriors was born following a merge with the original Night Warriors and the Rogue Rangers. Initially led by Cowboysfan13, the army rose to maxes of 90, whilst making history by being the first army to engage in a successful conflict with the Army of Club Penguin. Furthermore, the Night Warriors contributed greatly to World War V, however they were later defeated by the Army of Club Penguin. Following the retirement of leaders Tomb147 and Vendetta, the army saw a decline from their status as a powerful army. Despite many attempts to maintain this status, it was possible for subsequent leaders to match the accomplishments made by Tomb147 and Vendetta. This ultimately led to Cowboysfan13 to unfortunately, close the army.

An image from Generation One of the Night Warriors.

After many failed attempts at reviving the army, the Night Warriors have finally returned to the scene once again. Led by Tommy1738 and DFGV, the army gained popularity having been the first to use the Yukon platform. The cause for this being that they had experienced a variety of issues with using Club Penguin Rewritten, leading to a failed event. You can find more information about the Yukon platform here.

The Night Warriors at their revival event.

Given the turn of events, the revival turned out to be a strange one. Club Penguin Army Network approached DFGV to learn more about what had happened.

How do you feel now that the Night Warriors have returned to the battleground?

I feel great, an army with great potential making a comeback is always special.

What are your goals to achieve this generation?

We have quite a few goals. Our main goal is to host weekly events with consistent maxes and climb the top 10 leaderboard. We also hope to advance as a gaming community and have events hosted for various games so we can have better engagement from members.

What led you to use the Yukon platform for your revival?

We had initially planned to use CPR for all our events on club penguin. However, after our devastating first event maxing just 18, far below our expected max, we had come to the decision that this wasn’t feasible. Throughout the event, we have had several troops complaining about lag mostly from the great amount of ads on the page. Our next best option as Yukon, an open source CPPS. Reactions were much better with little to no complains about logging in and minimal lag on the server. We peaked at 33 on Yukon which was more than double our max on CPR.

Will you be using Yukon for all of your future events, and do you suggest others do the same?

For the time being, yes. However, we are very much interested in using Club Penguin Advanced when it comes out. With their incredible dev team, the game is almost guaranteed to be a success. As for other armies, I can’t state whether or not they should make the move, CPR has been used for quite a while now and regardless of the difficulties that come with using it I think the league organization and armies have made it their home. This may change however depending on the success of Club Penguin Advanced and CPA Battlegrounds which are set to launch later this year.

Is there anything further you would like to add?

Dman64w is the best reporter.

There is no doubt that the Night Warriors are already making a change in this era of armies. Perhaps in the near future, other armies will follow suit and we will all be using Yukon. Nonetheless, Club Penguin Army Network wishes the Night Warriors a happy generation to come.

What do YOU think? Will armies switch over to Yukon easily or will we still be using CPR? Can the Night Warriors dominate the top ten? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord server!


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