‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Meet The Judges

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – As we are just hours away from the initiation and commencement of the ‘AUSIA Arena’ tournament, let’s take the time to meet the group of judges who would be looking through and refereeing the forthcoming battles.

Given that this is a collaboration between the Club Penguin Army Network and the Club Penguin Army Headquarters, we have judges from both organizations who were given the task to look over the impending battles. After much deliberation, a total of 28 judges have been chosen, so let’s get to know them all a bit more!


ActionSpark [Red Ravagers affiliated]

Hi, I’m Action, I’ve been in armies for almost two years now, and I’ve been a judge for about a year and a half. I was a judge for the Challengers cup and the new year’s bonanza. I really look forward to judging this tournament!! 😀


AustinFraud [No affiliations]

My name is AustinFraud. I served as a judge in many organizations and I’ve even judged many tournaments too. I look forward to witnessing spectacular Formations, Bombs, and anything really impressive. Hope we have a great tournament!

Crazzy [No affiliations] 

Hi, I’m crazzy, currently retired from armies but previously led the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2020. I’ve judged tournaments and wars for the past few years, including CPAH’s Beach Brawl, Fright or Fight, Christmas Chaos X, CPAHQ’s March Madness, Legends Cup XI, and so forth. Good luck to all armies participating in the AUSIA Arena tournament!


Da Best [Mercenaries affiliated]

Good Morning/ Afternoon. I go by the name of Da Best and I am currently Head of Events Committee in CPAN. I started judging around the time CPAHQ started. I judged a bit of Legends Cup XI. I wish everyone who is taking part in the first Ausia tournament with good luck.


df44 [Silver Empire affiliated]

Df44 is a Head Judge at CP Army Headquarters and leader of the Silver Empire.

DMT [No affiliations]

Hello hello. I’m DMT. I’ve been doing this judging thing for a while now, and I’d say I’m ok at it. As an unaffiliated person, I will never be allowed to not judge a tournament. So I try to make my bios for these posts a bit different from each other. If I had to describe my judging style with 3 words, I would use: copacetic, zealous, and trenchant. Good luck to all the armies!


Dragon [Silver Empire affiliated] 

Hello, I am Dragon. I have been a judge since August of 2021 in both CPAN and CPAHQ. I have judged multiple big events such as the world war and Templars vs Water Viking. I have also been one of the judges in the Christmas Chaos final and I am the 7th Silver Empire Commander since December of last year.


DrQueen [Ice Warriors affiliated]

Hello :Awe~2: My name is DrQueen, and I am currently one of the Leaders for the Ice Warriors. I joined armies in early May 2020 and found myself in Ice Warriors towards the end of that month. Eventually, I was able to rank up to staff and was given the opportunity to lead their colony, Water Ninjas. During that time, I became a judge in training under CPAH and continued my judging journey under CPAN in the summer of 2021. AUSIA Arena is the first tournament I am judging, so I am interested in seeing a different side of judging and advancing my judging skills. When I am not in penguin politics, I like to 1v1 IceQueen1020 in Fortnite, watch movies and make music!


Elexonck [Rebel Penguin Federation affiliated]

I have been in armies since 2018 and I am currently a leader of the RPF. As a former CPAH judge and current CPAN Head Judge, I have plenty of experience to bring to the judging team.


Hidcre [People’s Imperial Confederation affiliated]

Hey, I am Hidcre. I really love rap & video game music, I’m a huge fan of rappers like Lil nas x, Nicki Minaj, Megan thee stallion, and Tyler the creator. I usually like to play Kirby games and trophy hunt video games on my PS4. feel free to DM me if you want to add me on switch or PlayStation! I’ve been in the CPA community for 4 years all being in SM armies, I’m happy to judge anything and help any SM army! ❤️‼️ good luck to everyone in the tournament!


Joe! [Help Force affiliated]

Hello hello, My name is FooFee112 but you can also call me Joe, I’ve served as a judge since September 2020 back in CPAH, I’ve also been a judge for the Legends Cup XI and March Madness tournaments last year. I have been a part of the Help Force since July 2020 and am currently a 2ic there. Looking forward to judging the upcoming AUSIA Arena tournament, best of luck to all armies participating!


Kally [Ice Warriors affiliated]

Hey there, I’m Kally! I’ve been in and out of the community since 2018, but only stuck around after January 2020. Since then I’ve been focused on the Ice Warriors and Army Media, the majority of which took place in CPAH and CPAN. In August of 2021, I decided to branch out and start looking into judging as well and finished my training in a few short weeks. Since then I’ve had the privilege to judge multiple battles, invasions, and even the Christmas Chaos XI Tournament. I’ve been associated with many armies in the past, but my current closest affiliations lie with Ice Warriors and their allies.


Karma [Templars affiliated]

I, Karma, beginning in 2019, joined the Lime Green Army and worked my way up to the rank of Leader. I became an LGA legend after taking on multiple wars, fighting armies such as the RFCP, EGCP, and many others. I then took a few months off due to IRL priorities. After returning in late December of 2021, I joined the Templars and ranked up to the rank of Grand Marshal, and became the Templars AUSIA Co-Leader with Ferdthebird1.

Lightningmcj [No affiliations]

I’m Light and I’ve been in judging since August of 2020. I was made a Head Judge in CPAH in October 2020, where I served until January 2021. Then I accepted a position as Head Judge of CPAHQ in March 2021 where I’ve been ever since. Outside of judging, I led the Pizza Federation from September 2020 to January 2021 which eventually earned me the title of S/M Legend, and I am also an ACP veteran.


LuciferStar [No affiliations]

Lucifer Star is a former CP Army Hub administrator and has been nominated by the Help Force.


Mare [Special Weapons And Tactics affiliated]

I have been a judge since 2020 in CPAH and SZAL. Currently, I’m a judge in CPAHQ and CPAN and I’ve judged multiple tournaments. One of the most recent tournaments I have judged for was Christmas Chaos. I am currently the leader of Special Weapons and Tactics and have been part of SWAT since April 2020. I have also been in Golds for a short while but instantly went back to SWAT.

Monstah [Special Weapons And Tactics affiliated]

Hello, I go by the names TD999 or Monstah. I have worked as a Judge in several organizations, including CPAHQ & CPAN. And I’m really excited to judge this AUSIA tourney to see for myself how well armies would perform during the AUSIA times, which is usually the weaker division compared to EU/US. I’m also looking forward to the creativity armies plan to showcase in their coming battles other than the usual factors such as size and speed. Good luck to all armies participating!

Omsk [Ice Warriors affiliated]

Comedy, or Omsk is a former member of the Silver Empire and has been nominated to judge by the Red Ravagers.

Paddy [Rebel Penguin Federation affiliated]

Hi, I’m Paddy! I joined the army community in 2019 and have been part of RPF since then. I have judged in SZAL CPAH CPAHQ and CPAN. This will be my third tournament judging as I judged in March madness and New Year bonanza. Good luck to everyone participating in Ausia arena!


Popcorny [Templars affiliated]

Hi, I am Popcorny, I’m affiliated with the Templars as I need to be nominated to judge from somewhere. May the best multiloggers win!


Racecar4 [Templars affiliated]

I have been in CPA since 2019, Judge since 2020 Timezone: CST. Likes: Flickers, bwb to cover the opponent (not just spamming bwbs) interesting bombs like wipes and elevators and neat forms. Dislikes: staying in form for too long and spamming bwb. I am a normal judge so I judge off 1. Size 2. Forms and Tactics 3. Bombs. Keep in mind my computer is a bit old so it can be laggy sometimes. If you have any questions let me know! And good luck 🙂


Sharki [Rebel Penguin Federation affiliated]

Hey, I am Sharki! I joined RPF in June 2020 and am currently Lieutenant General there! I started judging in CPAH in October 2020 and continued to judge in CPAN in July of 2021!!


Sidie9 [Templars and People’s Imperial Confederation affiliated]

Hi! I’m Sidie9, current Director in Chief of CP Army Headquarters. I’ve been a part of this community since the inception of the “AUSIA” concept, having created and led the first AUSIA divisions in army history in 2011 onward, and as such it is an honour to judge a premier AUSIA tournament for the entire community. I am excited to see the prowess that is brought to the battlefield!


Spotty [No affiliations]

Hey, I’m Spotty, and currently, I am an Associate Director in CPAHQ! I have been a judge since 2019 and a Head Judge since summer 2020. Since then I’ve basically judged all tournaments, such as March Madness, Project Conquest, Legends Cup, Christmas Chaos, and many more. I’m looking forward to judging the first Ausia-friendly tournament of 2022. Good luck to everyone participating! <3


Superhero123 [Water Vikings affiliated]

I joined the CPA community in 2013 and am currently serving as a CPAHQ Administrator and Website Manager, as well as Water Vikings Advisor. I am most known for creating CP Armies: The Game, an army-oriented CPPS which saw heavy use from the army community throughout 2019/2020. I have also led multiple armies, most notable being the Water Vikings and the Smart Penguins. For my contributions to the army community, I have been recognized as a 2019 Army Legend.

Vedant [Help Force affiliated]

Hello everyone! I’m Vedant, also known as Barney and I’m a former Help Force commander. I’ve been in the Army Community since early 2019 and led HF for over a year. I’ve had judging experience from CPAH, CPAHQ, and CPAN. As a member of the AUSIA community myself, I can’t wait to judge in this tournament. Best of luck to all armies taking part in the first tournament of 2022.


Yodabobobo [Rebel Penguin Federation affiliated]

Hi, I’m Yodabobobo and I will be one of the judges for the upcoming AUSIA Arena Tournament! I have been a member of the army community since March 2020 and have enlisted in the Rebel Penguin Federation throughout my time. Currently, I am a Second in Command for RPF and a Judge from CPAN. I look forward to a great AUSIA tournament!


Yvng [Rebel Penguin Federation affiliated]

AYO I am Yvng Baller or for short, Yvng! I started my army career back on May 5th, 2020 when I ran into the Rebel Penguin Federation during an event. Currently, I am still in RPF as a 3ic and a part of HCOM there. My judging career started in CPAH in October 2020. After CPAH’s downfall, I became a judge in CPAN in May 2021 and eventually Head Judge in September 2021 where I currently still hold the position today. One of the recent tournaments I have been a judge in was Christmas Chaos XI.


Our judges could not be any more ecstatic and excited to judge the upcoming tournament, and we hope that the community trusts their skills and abilities as much as we do. We can’t wait for the AUSIA Arena to commence. From the United Media, we wish all the armies partaking, good luck, and may the odds be ever in their favor!


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