Fighting Fire with Backfire: Templars declares war on Water Vikings.. Again.

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – Once again the Templars have declared war on the Water Vikings, however things did not play out as intended. What happened?

Jed Pen and Zak created the Water Vikings in 2010, while Xing created the Templars in 2018. Both armies are notorious for engaging in war with each other, having witnessed a total of approximately eight wars in the past. With all land claimed on server maps across the community, there is no doubt that another war would allow the judging teams to thrive once more.

The Templars facing off against the Water Vikings in their previous war.

Unsurprisingly the Templars declared war on the Water Vikings once again. On January 20th at 00:02 GMT – Xing announced his terms for war, having attempted to transfer his land to the People’s Imperial Confederation.

The terms of war in use should the war have gone ahead.

Unfortunately for Xing and the Templars, this was nullified given the existing treaty between the two armies. This resulted in the Templars subsequently losing their land to the Water Vikings.

The treaty in effect, nullifying the multiple war declarations.

This hasn’t stopped the Templars, as they declared war once again following the loss of land. However, due to this also being invalid they registered with Club Penguin Army Network again, where they believed they would be able to facilitate the war. However, in a short interview with F6Sixer, co-founder of Club Penguin Army Network, it has been confirmed that the war will not be proceeding on the Network’s server map.

To learn more about this chain of events, the Club Penguin Army Network approached leaders of both armies for a statement regarding this chain of events.

Aaronstone: I mean its no surprise that Xing keeps doing this (going after armies that max a lot less than him) pretty easy to do, facing off against SE and RR and such armies going into said conflict they have 0 chance at all of winning, perhaps thats why Xing wont go after BIA, because those numbers drop quite drastically. I would like to see Xing fight someone who can max much closer to him, but I dont run Templars so what can I really say about that. Though I think it would be funny watching Xing get 3-0d by Link3000 and Yvng Baller or 3-0d by IW after all his boasting about Templars getting 50 on average.

Xing: I would like to mention that the transfer part of of term 4 was only relevant in the event of Templars transferring land with the intent to merge, rebrand, or colonize to evade the treaty. No transfers were done with the intent to merge, rebrand, or colonize. We had no intent of anything of that sort.
Seeing as how they cannot comprehend wording, it doesn’t matter, they can continue until whenever their table ends on like April 30th for whatever odd reason. now there’s no one to reset their map. I wonder how WV will go about declaring war on them all and taking the land from themselves given we’re still “on” that map in a way.

Needless to say, the Water Vikings can breathe a sigh of relief as they are still protected by the Treaty of the Axe and Sword until April 2022. After that date, it will be a matter of times before the Templars make their move. Regardless of what happens, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you updated as more wars break out.

What do YOU think? Will the two armies engage in war after the treaty expires? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord Server!


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