‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Announcement & Qualifier Round Information

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The community-run ‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’ tournament has officially launched, with the qualifier battles taking place this weekend. The United Media, a CP Army Network & CP Army HQ joint collaboration, will be bringing you full coverage of the entire event.

The AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition is the first tournament of 2022, and will be highlighting the incredible Australia-Asia members of the community with a traditional tournament format, for the first time since the 2020 Aces of AUSIA. This tournament will once again be hosted by the participating army leaders, with a small staff team organising the administrative efforts.

The tournament will feature four rounds over a period of three weeks, starting on Saturday, January 22nd. With 11 armies participating, this traditional straight knockout tournament will see the winning army advance into the next round. The judging will be taking place on the dedicated Discord server.



The seedings for this tournament were established by the same process as the Christmas Chaos XI: by taking a four week average of the Top Tens produced by the CP Army Network and CP Army HQ.

[1] Ice Warriors

[2] Templars

[3] Rebel Penguin Federation 

[4] Help Force

[5] Army of Club Penguin

[6] Water Vikings 

[7] Silver Empire

[8] People’s Imperial Confederation

[9] Secret Service

[10] Mercenaries

[11] Red Ravagers 

The full calculations can be viewed here.


United Media Coverage

Alongside the tournament announcement, we are excited to be launching a CP Army Network and CP Army HQ collaboration: the United Media. The United Media has been formed with four staff members from both either organisation: Kally, Max, Dman64w, Spotty, Guinz, Disha, Josh, and Beasto. Our team will be providing the full coverage of this tournament without any involvement from others members our respective organisations. We are thrilled to be working together and to have found common ground in a time when unification is in high demand.

Here is just some of the exciting content that you have to look forward to:

  • Upcoming round times and information.
  • Meet the Judges
  • Weekly predictions from the higher staff of both organisations and select community members.
  • A results breakdown each Sunday of the weekend’s battles.
  • ‘Judges Eye’ column, which will interview some of the toughest critics from the week on the battles they evaluated.


Qualifier Round Information

The participating armies have each submitted 3 judges, and these 33 judges will form the tournament judging team. Armies will be able to veto up to two judges per battle. The battles will be held on the weekend during AUSIA times, at either 8am EST or 9am EST.

Water Vikings vs. Red Ravagers

Saturday, January 22nd
9am EST | 6pm GST | 7:30pm IST | 10pm SGT | 11pm JST | 12am AEST | 2pm GMT/UK

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Secret Service

Sunday, January 23rd
9am EST | 6pm GST | 7:30pm IST | 10pm SGT | 11pm JST | 12am AEST | 2pm GMT/UK

Silver Empire vs. Mercenaries

Friday, January 28th
9am EST | 6pm GST | 7:30pm IST | 10pm SGT | 11pm JST | 12am AEST | 2pm GMT/UK

The Quarter Final battles will be taking place on Saturday 29th and 30th, with information and timings releasing this weekend.

With the first tournament of 2022 officially launched, we cannot wait to see how the competing armies perform, and who will claim the trophy in the grand finals. We wish everyone the best of luck, and hope the event is enjoyable for all.


More Information

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