Sneaking In: Wild Ninjas Return To The Community

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – After a period of inactivity, the Club Penguin Army Community welcome back the Wild Ninjas. What do they have in store and what do they hope to achieve?

The Wild Ninjas army was founded on February 12th, 2016 by Alex42152, Legiso, Felixstuard, Mysyery89, and Danpengui. Notorious for being one of the only Spanish armies of their time, the Wild Ninjas quickly rose to prominence in the SMAC league. Before shutting down, the Ninjas went on to face off against renowned armies, such as the Army of Club Penguin, the Ice Warriors, and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Additionally, the Ninjas took part in several tournaments, most notably Champions Cup V and Christmas Chaos IV.

Wild Ninjas during a former event.

After a year’s slumber, the Wild Ninjas returned for a second time under the leadership of Kerx on February 19th, 2018. Following its return, the army consistently managed to reach maxes of 20+, while consistently ranking in the Top 10. Despite shutting down in 2019, the army bounced right back the following year with aid from Agus and Kerx. Succeeding a promising reincorporation into the army scene, they eventually closed their doors due to inactivity and the server being raided.

On December 26th, the Wild Ninjas army made their comeback to the army scene, under the command of Amelia, Kerx and Fire. Leadership thought of the reopening as a valid method to bring the Spanish Club Penguin Army community together, while continuing to leave an impact overall. The army reached a max of 11+ during their revival event, returning on a strong note. In addition, current leader Amelia stated that they have plans to become the top Spanish army in the community, with no plans to cease their activities presently.

Amelia announcing the Wild Ninjas’ future plans.

Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Amelia and Kerx for an interview regarding their army’s return to the community, but could not obtain it in time.

From what we can see, the Wild Ninjas army is persistent in shining a spotlight for the Spanish Army Community and have clear goals set for their journey to success. Club Penguin Army Network wishes the army all the best on their future endeavors.

How do you think the army will perform? Will they return to their former glory? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server’s General Chat!


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