Stemv Inducted as Newest Bose DK Warriors’ Commander

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Bose DK Warriors Empire – Just recently, the Bose DK Warriors had introduced a new Bose DK Commander with open arms. How could this leave a major impact for the army, and will the army see themselves in greater glory?

The Bose DK Warriors was first created on October 22nd, 2021 by Vedant, Diwix and Scorp. It was made during the time where people had wanted the Roti Warriors army to see a revival. The army has seen solid success with events that often have the warriors maxing at least 10 penguins online, whilst securing 9th place on their debut Top Ten in Club Penguin Army Headquarters’, an unexpected achievement for a proxy army to achieve so soon..

A Recent Bose DK Warriors Event

Stemv is a recent addition to the Bose DK Warriors. During one of their invasions, it was announced that there would be a promotion for whoever led most of the event. Given that Stemv was one of the leaders, Scorp would consequently announce that Stemv will be inducted as the newest Bose DK Commander, fulfilling the promise he previously mentioned.

Scorp Announcing Stemv’s Promotion

Club Penguin Army Network sat down with Stemv to gather her thoughts about her promotion.

So I wanted to congratulate you once again on reaching the rank of Bose DK Commander, how did you feel at first finding out?

I was really very happy and excited about it.

I definitely believe that you’ll be amazing at it, but what do you think you can bring to the leadership team?

I would like to see Bose DK continue to expand.

Do you think that your leadership will leave a great impact towards the army?

Yeah, after all, we all are Bose DK.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah only a real charsi can be a successful BOSE DK WARRIOR and NUTELLA FOR EVERYONE

From this it is clear that Stemv will be doing her absolute best to make Bose DK reach greater success. The Club Penguin Army Network wishes her and her army the best of luck in this new leadership period.

What do YOU think? Can Stemv bring the army to newer heights? Let us know in our Discord server!


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