How Well Do You Know Pandor of the Secret Service?

SNOW STORM, CPAN Reporters Lounge – There is always someone standing out in the army community seen across our army leagues. Once again we ask ourselves, how well do we know them?

How Well Do You Know is a new column where I will be interviewing certain members of the army community. Many people come and go in the army community, and we all know them for their actions on Discord and in Club Penguin. The question is, what are they really like as a person? Having spun my unbiased spinning wheel, this week we will be talking to Pandor, and learn what sort of person he is behind the screen.

Pandor’s army career began in late 2019, where he enlisted into the Doritos of Club Penguin. From there he migrated to the Fire Warriors until April, where he bounced around multiple armies before ultimately landing in the Secret Service HCOM team. Following his departure, he created the Wet Army Penguins, which he led whilst maintaining a high rank in the Water Vikings. Pandor is due to lead the next generation of the Secret Service, which you can read about in a future post.

Wet Army Penguins maxing 21 under Pandor.

As always, in order to get to know Pandor I had to sit down with him and ask some questions.

First, how did you find out about armies?

So I was a community admin joining the anime server for recruiting and Zire from DCP dropped me a DM and it looked cool so I was like why not. At first I wasn’t really active until like March in 2020.

What would you say has been your favourite moment in armies so far?

Being apart of the 116 against IW in the CCX finals, maxing 23 with WAP and FW March Madness vs SE.

Now the whole point of this interview is to get to know you, so how would you describe yourself?

I don’t know dumb, annoying, angry :KEK: troll

Do you have any favourite hobbies? If so, what are they?

Football :coolface:

If there was one highlight of your army career, what would it be?

March Madness against Silver Empire

Finally, do you have anything else to add?

Intentions Classified :coolface:

My curiosity does not stop there! I also asked Pandor’s co-leader to give their thoughts about partner ahead of their joint leadership.

Pandor is a great guy. Despite his regular trolling and what not, he’s actually a really good person to work with in CPA. The chap is real dedicated and wants to see every army he’s in succeed as much as possible. His ideas he plans to implement within secret service and the effort he puts in is immense and I truly believe he will succeed so long as he keeps up his current motivation.

From this we can tell that despite Pandor’s usual trolling across various servers, when it comes down to business he is one willing to get the job done. Club Penguin Army Network wishes him all the best in his upcoming leadership.

How well do YOU know Pandor? Do you like to troll as much as he does? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server!


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