Slipping Into The Shadows: Dark Vikings Announce Shutdown

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Dark Vikings have announced their shutdown just two days after leader Alucard announced their retirement. How will this decision affect the future of the community and what is next for the server?

The Dark Vikings, created as the Saber Squids in March 2020, was a small/medium army led primarily by Krosive and Alucard. On October 18th, they announced their participation in the Red Dawn Alliance, which includes armies such as the Templars of Club Penguin and the Trojans. As a part of the Alliance, they have assisted in multiple battles in the war against the Western Bloc. Elsewhere, the army itself has been able to secure regular positions in the weekly Top Ten throughout the generation.

The Dark Vikings in a PB with TCP.

On December 20th, Krosive announced the army’s closure, stating that the server will shift focus to a general gaming server rather than Club Penguin. This announcement comes just two days after Alucard announced his retirement from Club Penguin

Alucard announces their retirement from Dark Vikings

Krosive announces the shutdown of the Dark Vikings

To learn more about this announcement and the future of Dark Vikings, the CP Army Network reached out to leader Krosive:

What led to the shutdown of the Dark Vikings?

I just couldn’t be asked to lead it. Since school is getting more important.

How do you think the Dark Vikings will perform as a gaming server?

Pretty good I’ve ran a successful one before

Would you ever plan to bring the server back as a Club Penguin Army?

Most likely [in two years].

What would you say was the greatest thing Dark Vikings accomplished in this generation?

The maxes was a lot higher than the previous one, also the vibe was a lot better.

While the Dark Vikings have met their end as a Club Penguin Army for now, there are no plans to shut down the server as a whole. The CP Army Network wishes them all the best with their plans for a gaming server and looks forward to their future.

What do YOU think? Will the Dark Vikings ever come back as an army? Who will lead the next generation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server’s general chat!


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