Top Ten Armies [12/12/2021-18/12/2021]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: Christmas Chaos has officially ended and in this Top Ten we saw some new changes.

1. Ice Warriors [+1] (72.5) 

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] (67.83)

3. Templars [+0] (62.66)

4. Help Force [+0] (41.48)

5. Water Vikings [+1] (39.48)

6. Silver Empire [+2] (39.06)

7. Army of Club Penguin [+0] (32.04)

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] (22.23)

9. Trojans [+4] (22)

10. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3]  (18.)

–Close to top Ten–

11. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+2] (17.5)

12. Dark Vikings [-1] (13)

13. Red Ravagers [+0] (10.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors had a busy week with 5 events. To kick off their week, they participated in the CCXI Semifinals against the Templars which saw 76 Warriors in attendance and a ticket to the finals. Next, they held an Ornament Takeover which maxed 27. To continue their week, the Warriors held a Practice Battle which saw 19 log on to support the army. Then, the Warriors held a training event with 31 Warriors joining the event. To finish off their week, the Ice Warriors faced off in the CCXI Finals against the Rebel Penguin Federation which would see a max of 67.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation. The Rebel Penguin Federation had a busy week, hosting 8 events in total. To kick off the week, the Rebels had a snowflake takeover, maxing 32 snowflakes. Following their Operation: Sugar Rush, maxing 31, 27 Nutcrackers marched across the island. Next, 33 cookies logged on in preparation for the Christmas Chaos XI Finals. RPF then hosted operations Holiday Luau and Hippity Hoppity back-to-back, maxing 21 and 32, respectively. In part of their final preparations for Christmas Chaos, 26 troops were in attendance for Operation: Glacier Glory. All of their training efforts paid off in the Christmas Chaos XI Finals where 70 Rebels achieved victory.

3. Templars. Templars saw 5 events this week. They began with the CCXI semifinals against Ice Warriors where they maxed 60 troops online. Next they held an invasion of Paris where they had 37 troops in attendance. They then had another invasion of 19 where they maxed 41 penguins. They then had an AUSIA Invasion where they had 20 troops attending. They ended their week off with the invasion of 51 where they maxed 37 troops.

4. Help Force. 
The Help Force held 4 events this week. Their first event saw them dressed up in cozy pajamas with a max of 23. Next, 30 troops logged on for a treasure hunt event. 22 troops then logged on for a Christmas theme event. To end off the week they saw 20 Troops log on for a Vengeance Alliance Practice Battle.

5. Water Vikings.This week the Water Vikings hosted 4 events. They kicked off with an AUSIA scavenger hunt, which saw 21 vikings online. Next they had an EU elves versus santas themed practice battle with the Ice Warriors, and hit a max of 17 elves. Their next event they hosted an AUSIA fashion show, and hit a max of 13. To finish off their week, they played hide and seek and saw a max of 19 vikings.

6. Silver Empire. 
The Silver Empire had a busy week with 5 events in total.  They kicked things off on a sad note, as they logged on for their leader Electrummm’s retirement event.  A total of 31 silvers attended to send him off.  Next up, an Astro Barrier tournament saw 11 penguins shooting spaceships at the arcade.  This was followed by a Gingerbread Cookie event, in which they maxed 13.  A twist came after, where 10 silvers logged on for a murder mystery event.  Finishing off on a high note,  Silver Empire held their first ever Winter Ball, with 27 snazzy dressed up members attending.

7. Army of club penguin.  The Army of club penguin held a total of 5 events this week. Starting off the week strong they had Zeu’s Phoques with a total of 13. The next day, the green penguins had an amazing Clovers takeover Ausia where we saw a max of 10 penguins. Another Ausia but this time it was a sleep zone with 14 penguins online. For their US invasion the army had a total of 13 Penguins. Last but not least we saw The Vengeance Alliance reunites where we saw a max of 8.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics.  SWAT had a total of 3 events this week. Starting off with a Miner event where we saw a total of 10 agents. The Following event was an Ausia Ornaments Takeover with a max of 9 Penguins.For their last event SWAT held an amazing unscheduled event with a total of 15. 

9. Trojans.  Trojans had a total of 3 events this week. To begins with, they held a practice battle vs Dark Vikings where we saw a total of 13. For their war training, Trojans had a total of 8 penguins online. Lastly we saw a max of 10 for their sled racing event.

10. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation held 3 events this week.  They began with an unscheduled training event that maxed 9.  Next up, Minion Mayhem occurred, as 9 minions logged on and took over the island.  Lastly, they had a practice battle against Help Force and Army of Club Penguin, in which they maxed 6.

We saw many changes in this week’s top ten. With Winter Break starting off this week, maybe some armies will appear in the next one.

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