Shining Brighter: Electrumm Retires, Holly & Dragon Promoted to Leader

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – After nearly two years since the army was established, Silver Empire’s leader Electrumm steps down from her leadership position. What happens to the Silvers now? 

Electrumm, also known to the Club Penguin Army community as Amber, founded Silver Empire on the 20th of April 2020 alongside Fae, Zach, and Jimmy. She held the position of server moderator until she was promoted to leader on May 8th. Since then she had stayed in her leader position, despite her co-founders retiring long before her.

The Silver Empire has achieved several accomplishments within the 19 months under Electrumm’s leadership, one of which was attaining major army status just a year after its foundation. They also participated in the Beach Brawl tournament back in 2020 when they were still a small army. During this time, the Silvers proved to be a force to be reckoned with when they defeated the Templars and the Special Weapons and Tactics with ease. The Silver Empire has only gone up from there, overcoming the likes of the Water Ninjas, the Army of Club Penguin, as well as the Help Force in war battles along the way.

Silver Empire successfully invading Jackhammer amidst their war against the Help Force.

The Silvers receive saddening news when Electrumm announced her retirement from leadership. In the post ‘Silver Will Always Shine‘, she recalled her time in Silver Empire and looked back on their achievements. She would lead one last time for Christmas Chaos XI, before nominating Dragon and Holly as her successors.

The announcement of Dragon and Holly being inducted as leaders.

Silver Empire celebrating memories made with Electrumm at her retirement event.

We were unable to grab an interview with Amber, however we reached out to Holly and Dragon for a statement about their new roles.

Holly: I’m very happy to be Silver Commander as this army has pulled me through a lot of rubbish times and it’s been a great place to hang out and de-stress so I’m super excited and honoured to be able to have the opportunity to give back to SE what they’ve given me and get us back to major army status with the help of my co-leader and staff team.

Dragon: First of all, I would like to thank you for this interview, for my promotion. It’s going to be a big change for me and for Silver Empire as both me and my co-leader have a lot of ideas to implement and try to make the army reach new heights but all of this wouldn’t be possible without the chance and guidance we got from Electrumm who just retired and left a huge mark of accomplishments in the history of Silver Empire and we will hopefully reach the potential she saw in us when we got the promotion and we will always miss her. I would like to end with a shout-out for our ex-leader Electrumm my amazing staff and the troops of Silver Empire. SE FOREVER :sesalute:

With a new era set in stone, we are looking forward to seeing what Silver Empire has in store under their new leadership. Club Penguin Army Network wishes Electrumm all the best in their retirement, and the new leaders a happy leadership.

What do YOU think? Will the Silver Empire keep taking the Club Penguin Army community by storm? Or will they crumble after the loss of a leader? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server’s general chat!


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