How Well Do You Know Mare Of SWAT?

SNOW STORM, CPAN Reporters Lounge – The army community possesses a wide variety of people, all with something unique about them. Today we’re asking ourselves, how well do we know them?

How Well Do You Know is a new column where I will be interviewing certain members of the army community. Many people come and go in the army community, and we all know them for their actions on Discord. The question is, what are they really like as a person? Picking a random name out of the hat, this week we will be talking to Mare, and learn what sort of person she is behind the screen.

Mare’s army career started in April 2020, where she joined the Special Weapons And Tactics and Golds before sticking with the former. Mare would then leave SWAT temporarily to assist Aubz with the One Direction Army, however upon return she a granted the rank of Third in Command. Soon after, Mare was promoted to leader in August 2020 before temporarily stepping down in August 2021. She would return to leadership later at an unknown point.

SWAT facing RPF in the CCXI Quarter-Finals

In order to get to know Mare, I sat down with her and asked her a few questions.

First of all, how did you come across CP Armies?

I got recruited off of the CPO Discord.

In your own words, how would you describe yourself?

I’m a pretty chill person I don’t take much of these army things too seriously and I’m just here for the fun of it. I enjoy shopping and going out to get bubble tea it’s my literal favorite. Also I love going to music festivals they are LIT.

Do you have any favourite hobbies? Why is it your favourite?

Yes, I love painting and photography because it’s relaxing. Also, lately I’ve been playing Fortnite lately shoutout to the squad Chris, Swirl, & Clout for getting me XP.

Would you say you’re the one who carries the squad most of the time?

Definitely not, I’d say either Swirl or Clout is the one who carries the squad. Then there’s Chris who keeps trying to box me in and then we both get killed first most of the time.

If there was one subject at school you could study again, what would it be and why?

I would say my digital marketing class because we produced a product to sell to consumers. We would figure out the demographics for people who would enjoy the product. Then try to compete every week with other students to see who would produce the most income. Also, we would create social media campaigns for it.

If you could pick one memory from your army career, what would it be and why?

I’d say in DILF when it was my birthday, we had an event with Dua Lipa VC leading the entire thing. It was iconic.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


After talking to Mare I was able to learn a lot about her, who knew she was an avid Fortnite player? Compared to last time, I’m not stopping there as I have asked one of her co-leaders to give their opinions of working with Mare. This is what they had to say:

Mare is a hard worker, we’ve led together for well over a year maybe a year and a half and she is motivated, always wanting and willing to do whatever it takes to help SWAT. :swat_heart:

From this we can tell that Mare is a committed individual who will always work hard to create a calming environment. With her tactical family behind her, Club Penguin Army Network wishes her a happy future in armies.

How well do YOU know Mare? Could she beat you in a game of Fortnite? Leave us YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server!


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