CPAHQ Presents: Holiday Trivia 2021

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- With the holiday season now upon us, it is now time to officially start our countdown. With our first community competition of the season, Holiday Trivia!

Starting on the 12th December, Club Penguin Army Headquarters will celebrate the 12 days leading up to Christmas with our first Holiday Trivia! Everyday we will see daily questions released for each of the three main timezones: AUSIA, EU and USA. However, each timezone question will only be open for around 15-20 minutes, so you have to be fast to answer!

Question Timings:


8-9am EST / 6:30-7:30pm IST / 1-2pm UK


2-3pm EST / 7-8pm UK / 11am-12pm PST


7-8pm EST / 4-5pm PST / 6-7pm CST

Please state: You can only submit an answer for ONE timezone question per day. However, you don’t have to answer all one timezone throughout the contest.
E.g. Day one you can answer EU and day two answer USA.

For each question you answer correctly, you will receive 1 point, this trivia is not about speed. Once you know the answer, message the person who announces the question, this will be either: Spotty, Max, Rach, Disha or Myth. The person at the end of this contest who has the most points will be crowned as the overall winner.

The Prizes:

1st Place:
Nitro classic, early access to Club Penguin Battleground, ‘Holiday Trivia Master’ role with custom color, picture perms, 50K bot money,

2nd Place:
Custom colored role, picture perms, 30K bot money.

3rd Place:
Custom colored role with pic perms 20K bot money.


All of the questions will be announced in #hoilday-trivia! We hope that you enjoy this holiday-themed contest. A massive good luck to everyone who is planning on taking part!


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