Tiger Warriors Make Their Last Roar

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tiger Warriors Capital – After roughly two months of existence, the Tiger Warriors announced their shutdown. What led to this sudden decision, and what could happen in the next few days?

Originally created in 2013 by Bull Hour, the Tiger Warriors rose to S/M Top Ten several times, and it had a total of five generations. They would start as a small army that would grow to see sizes of 10-15 troops, towards the end of the first and second generations. During their third generation, the army implemented divisions as a result of large sizes, and began participating battling with other armies.

The Tiger Warriors opening event for the current generation.

When the fourth generation was founded, they had a notable place in the community due to becoming a rising AUSIA power, participating in many battles and hosting events, thus being the Tigers’ Golden Age. However, the army entered a lockdown period due to inactivity, leading to a shutdown. The most recent generation of the Tigers was born on September 29, 2021. Given the army’s short lifespan, there are little accomplishments; however, they reached were able to secure positions in the Top Ten occasionally while reaching consistent sizes of 10-15 members.

Tiger Warriors hosting their final event.

On December 3rd, BULL announced the indefinite discontinuation of the Tiger Warriors. The reasons, as stated in this declaration, are the real-life issues most of their members have, and this includes their Commander. The server currently remains as a hangout, currently not involved in any activities.

BULL announcing the closure of the Tigers.

With the purpose of learning more about the Warriors’ closure, the Club Penguin Army Network Team contacted BULL, one of the leaders of the recently closed army.

What led to the shutdown of the Tiger’s?

I don’t get enough time to concentrate on TW.

Did you accomplish all the plans you had for the Tiger Warriors?

I haven’t had much plans to accomplish. I opened TW and registered in both leagues, but both leagues took long to accept us, so we lost our spot in both leagues as we should be 7th on [the] first week but couldn’t, and this gives a negative mood to our troops on beginning itself, but we didn’t give up and continued to move on, and we got accepted in both leagues.

Do you think there will be a 6th Generation in the future?

Idk what happens in [the] future.

What was your favourite moment in the army?

The moment when I calculate TW’s TT points and we crossed ACP’s TT points on first week. TW AUSIA Fire

Anything else you would like to add before finishing the interview?

Hasta la vista.

It seems that the future of the Tiger Warriors remains to be uncertain. However, that doesn’t mean the army won’t revive in the near future. Nonetheless, we wish the former warriors the best of luck during their journey on armies. As usual, Club Penguin Army Network will always keep you updated with the latest news.

What do YOU think? Could the Tigers emerge once again? Would it become a new Golden Era for the army? Make sure to tell YOUR opinion in our Discord server’s general chat!


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