Christmas Chaos XI: Times and Information

Snow Storm, CPAN Base – The army community has come together once more to host a classic winter tournament – Christmas Chaos XI aka CCXI. Just like LCXI, which was held in June, CCXI is organized by the army leaders from the CPA community. Read on to find out more.

CCXI will feature 3 rounds over a period of 3 weeks starting on Wednesday, December 2nd. It will feature a total of 9 armies. CCXI will feature 1v1 battles, wherein the winner advances to the next round.

For the seeding, armies decided to use a 4 week average of the Top Tens produced by Club Penguin Army Network (CPAN) and Club Penguin Army Headquarters (CPA HQ). Seeds for the tournament are as follows,

[1] Rebel Penguin Federation

[2] Ice Warriors

[3] Templars

[4] Help Force

[5] Water Vikings

[6] People’s Imperial Confederation

[7] Silver Empire

[8] Special Weapons and Tactics

[9] Red Ravagers

All armies taking part in the tournament nominated 2 judges to a judging panel. This panel is responsible for selecting judges for each CCXI battle. Moreover, all armies may veto up to 2 judges per battle. All battles will be held on weekends, i.e. Saturday/Sunday during EU hours i.e. 2PM – 5PM EST respectively. The bracket is as follows (credits to CPAHQ for designing the tournament logo)

CCXI Bracket (click to enlarge)

Round 1 Times and Information


Special Weapons and Tactics vs Red Ravagers

Thursday, December 2nd at 5PM EST


Round 1: Saturday, December 4th

Ice Warriors vs Silver Empire


Templars vs People’s Imperial Confederation



Round 1: Saturday, December 5th

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Qualifier Winner


Help Force vs Water Vikings


Note: The qualifier was scheduled to Thursday due to the mutual agreement between RR and SWAT.

The stage is set for the return of a much anticipated winter classic. On behalf of the CP Army Network, I wish all participating armies the best of luck. May the best army win!

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