A Founder’s Statement regarding CPA HQ

Snow Storm, CPAN Base. The CP Army HQ recently released a post calling us a “hindrance”. Let’s delve into the facts and find out CPAHQ, a joke of an organization, is not taken seriously by any major army worth its salt.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the post are the personal views of F6sixer, a co-founder of CP Army Network, and doesn’t represent the views of any other individual, army or organization

After the fall of Club Penguin Army Hub in early January of 2021, the CPA community did not have an active league or media organization until February 7th when CPA HQ formally opened. The unfortunate incidents of late Dec/early Jan left their mark on many armies and resulted in an unprecedented levels of skepticism and distrust in the army community. Naturally, when CPAHQ invited armies many of them did not want to fully integrate due to this lack of underlying trust/fear. Fast forward to March 2021, when the now infamous March Madness tournament was held. The rules of the tourney were as follows,

March Madness 2021 Rules

Please note that the rules make no mention of reviews. CPA HQ in their rush to organize a tournament had failed to create proper judging guidelines and needless to say, the events that followed shouldn’t surprise anyone. For an organization that claims to be professional and unbiased, CPA HQ proved their incompetence beyond doubt by handing the MM semis in the way they did. The Army of CP filed for a review of their battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation, a fact that RPF had to learn from ACP’s main chat before being informed by Funks, a CPA HQ admin, several hours later. In their rather self contradicting “review“, CPA HQ claimed to have received “video and images” from ACP and RPF’s website to overturn the verdict in ACP’s favor. However, neither army (ACP, RPF) has a single video on their results post which begged the question where this “video” came from (Seriously DMT, where did you get the video from?). CPA HQ didn’t even find it necessary to request RPF for their pics or videos during this entire process, nor did they even have the courtesy to share said video evidence with RPF. After this review was posted by DMT, RPF promptly pulled out of CPA HQ with Help Force following suit soon after, citing near identical reasons.

When it became apparent that two major armies had pulled out completely from CPA HQ, DMT reached out to Elexonck a RPF leader with an “apology” and offered her/RPF Discord Nitro in an attempt to placate RPF.

Insulting a major army and making yourself, and by extension your organization look stupid ✔️. Way to go my guy!

When speaking about March Madness, CPA HQ has the same old response, we were a “new” organization and the semis were handled badly. However what CPA HQ doesn’t seem to realize is the fact that their handling of MM forever ruined their credibility. This is attested by the fact that Help Force, Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation have consistently refused to take part in their “community projects” like Project: Conquest, Champions Cup VI and more recently their world map.

Speaking of community tournaments, CPAN had announced LCXI in June and had invited all armies both within and outside its league to join in the tournament. However, soon after its announcement, Funks reached out to me like so,

Discussion of a potential collaboration between CPA HQ and CPAN for LCXI

However, this fell through cause some armies (all of whom were recent enemies of IW, RPF and/or  HF) refused to take part in a tournament that was even co-hosted by CPAN! In spite of this setback, Ayan, a leader of HF, approached me with an alternative – Army leaders host LC XI themselves i.e. no league runs the tourney. I must admit, I was skeptical of this since it had never been tried before. Given how disastrous the previous tourney (i.e. MM) was, I wasn’t too keen on having a repeat. Regardless of my personal views, I posed this idea to the reps and the reps overwhelmingly preferred this idea. CPAN was designed to be run by the reps and keeping true to this promise, CPAN announced that it’d be happy to support the army community and let go of the hosting rights of the tournament while also providing full media coverage. This move was welcomed by the community and the tournament went on to be a great success, and it also ended my skepticism of army leader run tourneys.

Let’s contrast this with CC XI, which was initially announced by our friends over at CPA HQ. When it became apparent that not all armies were gonna take part, Fusion, an associate director of CPAHQ, contacted me like so,

Fusion approaching me with a collaboration request

However, a quick chat with the board and other army leaders made it clear to me and other CPAN board members that having the community host CC XI (i.e. exactly like LC XI) would be the best bet for everyone. When I conveyed this to Fusion, this is the response I got


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This tone took us by surprise. We’d expected CPAHQ to be happy that the community would be united for a major and historical tourney of great importance. I ask CPA HQ this, if you truly are the ones who’re interested in a united tourney, why is that your own staff/administration gets so salty when the community decides to unite and hold a tourney? Attitude like this is why people find it hard to trust to CPA HQ. Also, on a side note, its been 10 days Fusion, can I get a reply from your administrative team? Please note that CPAHQ is yet to even announce that they are no longer hosting the tournament. For a supposedly super fast organization that cares about the community above all else, you guys sure love to move at a snail’s pace! In the meantime, army leaders got together, formed the bracket and set the rules for the tournament. For more details about the tournament, click here.

Lastly, lets move on to Judges. CPAN hires judges via an application system on the CPAN discord which are scrutinized by our team of Head Judges. Consequently, CPAN has a vast judging pool from all of its constituent armies, a few veterans and folks from armies not in CPAN’s league. CPAN also runs and maintains the World Map in which 9 armies (which includes all current major armies) take part in. CPAN is a league and as such reviews and conflicts of interests, if any, have to be reviewed by the board which consists of representatives from 6 different armies. An independent judging body makes such supervision/review impossible and could potentially allow bad verdicts and people with poor judging capabilities to be brushed under the rug, thereby compromising the integrity of the league and its map. What CPA HQ fails to mention is that they lack quite a lot of CPAN’s judges while CPAN only lacks a few (less than 10) of their judges (most of whom are either veterans or members of an army that hasn’t joined CPAN)

Recent wars and conflicts have stretched CPAN’s judging system to its absolute limit. A major cause of this is the war terms used by armies “no affiliated judge/only neutral judges can be used”. This term is quite vague and affiliation can mean, membership, allied or colonized. Today, most armies are allied with one another and as a result getting a truly neutral or “unaffiliated” judge is next to impossible. This is further exacerbated by the fact that league rules demand a minimum of 3 judges (or 2 if a head judge takes the place of a judge) for server invasions. As a member of the board, I do admit that we can definitely do a better job with respect to managing war terms. Recently, CPAN nullified this clause – “No army can declare on <declaring army and/or defending army> for the duration of the war between them/others”. We will work on improving our judging system and league rules over the course of the next few weeks to make it a simpler and more user friendly experience for army leaders, the judging staff and administration. We will also make it a priority to address army concerns as quickly as possible and apologize for not being more around during the world war.

CPA HQ loves to do a lot of hand waving and finger pointing, but they’d do well to remember that they’re the principal reason as to why this community is fractured. Instead of blaming other armies for their own astronomical failures, CPA HQ should do some introspection. Time and again, they’ve proven that they care only about themselves while putting on a mask of “the united community”. While it is quite unfortunate that the community is bitterly divided, the only people to blame are the ones in CPA HQ’s administrative team. All in all, their post is nothing short of the pot calling the kettle black.

Here’s some free advice for CPA HQ folks, although judging by your hubris and never ending hypocrisy, it might be too late – Check yo self before you wreck yo self!


CPAN Co-Founder and Board Member

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