Trojans Undergo Changes In Leadership

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network – In this uncertain period of war declarations and unexpected shut downs, the Trojans welcomed three new leaders to their leadership on October 28th. Exactly what led to this triple promotion?

The army Trojans is one of the numerous rebrands of the Skateboarders, an army created by Ivy in October 2020. The Skateboarders itself was an army that originated from the infamous Skaters. The Skaters had shutdown following a scandalous multilogging expose on May 31st. The Skateboarders achieved some success, but shut down after rebranding to Fire Warriors in November 2020.

A Skateboarders Event

On July 25th, 2021, Ivy revived the Skateboarders once again, with TastyPantaloon solo leading the army. However, after a while Ivy replaced him as the main leader of the army. On August 28th, Ivy rebranded the army to the Trojans. Her reason for doing so, quoted from the Trojans website is:

We rebranded because Skateboarders holds a lot of bad memories for me, I never genuinely enjoyed leading the army, and I felt like the Skateboarders theme didn’t fit our goals.

The Trojans have already participated in many conflicts with the army community, the most recent being their war with Wet Army Penguins. They are currently a part of the Red Dawn Alliance revived by the Templars. The Red Dawn Alliance, and all the armies under it, declared war on the Western Bloc and all armies under it. The Bloc currently consists of Silver Empire, Water Vikings, Special Weapons and Tactics and Wet Army Penguins. The Trojans have certainly made quite a splash within a few months of their arrival in the army community. They even placed 10th in the recent Top Ten Armies list.

Trojans maxing 10 in a recent US event

On October 28th, in the midst of the several war declarations, Ivy announced that Tasty, Izuno and Villa were promoted to leadership. Ivy states that all three of the newly inducted leaders have been essential to the army’s functioning as HCOM. Izuno is a veteran with leading experience in several other armies, including the Templars. Ivy praised Izuno’s leading skills and stated that she expects great things from Izuno as a leader. Meanwhile, Tasty has already led the Trojans before while they were called Skateboarders.

Ivy’s announcement regarding Tasty, Izuno and Villa’s promotion

The induction of these three new leaders will certainly boost the Trojans’ morale for this war. The team of four leaders look all set to dominate their opponents in all future conflicts. CP Army Network decided to reach out to Ivy to find out her expectations from her new co-leaders and their plans for the future. However, Ivy declined to answer.

We can assume that the newly inducted leaders are even more excited for the role they will be playing in the Trojans. CP Army Network decided to reach out to the three of them for an interview regarding their respective promotion. However, the leaders were not inclined to comment, and the following reply was received from Izuno:

heyyyy, unfortunately i would like to decline the interview 🙂 i hope you understand



The Trojans leaders certainly display a lot of passion when it comes to their army and its future. Their determination to achieve their goal and to come out victorious in this war is admirable. CP Army Network wishes the three newly inducted leaders the best of luck for their careers ahead of them.

What do YOU think? Will the Trojans rise to new heights under these new leaders? Will they survive the ongoing conflicts in the community at this time? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server! 

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