Top Ten [10/24/2021-10/31/2021]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: The past few weeks we saw a lot of wars and alliance. In this Top Ten, We saw many armies coming together to protect their land.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] (66.62)

2. Ice Warriors [-1] (60.63)

3. Help Force [+1] (53.68)

4Templars [-1] (49)

5. Water Vikings [-1] (47.06)

6. Army of Club Penguin [+2] (36.42)

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] (33)

8. Special Weapons and Tactics  [+2] (30.1)

9. Silver Empire [-2 ] (27.2)

10. Tiger Warriors [+2] (26.4)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Dark Vikings [-1] (23.5)

12. Trojans [-2] (19)

13. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [RETURN] (19) 

14. Red Ravagers [+1] (16.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1.Rebel Penguin Federation.The Rebel Penguin Federation hosted 9 events this week. They started the week off with a gravity falls theme event where they saw 26 troops. Next, 28 troops logged on for a Candytron3000 tournament. Hide and Seek was next where 29 troops dressed as Candy Corns hid around the Island. Who had the most spooky costume? 42 troops logged on and saw a Halloween Fashion show! 30 Orange and black colored penguins logged on for spooktastic event. 37 Rebels dressed up as TVs for the Night Of The Living Sled party. 28 penguins logged on dressed up as various songs they listened to in Voice chat. He did the mash, he did the monster mash, well more like 34 troops did the Monster Mash where they dressed up as various monsters. To end their spooky week, the Rebels saw 30 troops for their Trick or Treat/Stamp event.

2. Ice Warriors.This week saw the Ice Warriors host 6 events. They started their week off with a Spooky Character Takeover, which maxed 35 troops. This was followed by a Ghost Raid, maxing 31, with an escape event from the Corn Maze with ACP, maxing 28. Next the Warriors hosted a Night of the Living Sled event, where 26 penguins were in attendance. Following this, the 32 Ice Warriors returned to the Corn Maze for some trick-or-treating, with the army concluding their week with a Costume Contest, making 38 penguins.

3.HelpForce. Help Force had 4 events this week. They began with an EU event called “Invasion Of Ice Breaker” where they maxed 24 penguins. Next, they hosted an Ausia Defence of Jackhammer event, with a max of 29 penguins. Then, they held “Invasion Of Avalanche,” an EU event with a max of 32 penguins. Finally, they ended with a US Defense Of Jackhammer event, where they had a max of 31 penguins.

4.Templars.The Templars had a relatively quiet week as they held a total of two events. They began the week with an invasion of Ice Box, where they maxed 40 troops. This was followed by 38 penguins attending a practice battle with the Trojans later in the week.

5.Water Vikings.The Water Vikings held 6 events this week. They kicked off their week with an EU event to celebrate their Champions Cup victory, maxing 29. Their next event, maxing 20 and also EU, was a training event with the Western Bloc Alliance. Their next event was a successful EU defense of Avalanche from the Help Force, and they maxed 19 penguins online. They followed up with a US event, defending Slushy from the People’s Imperial Confederation, also succeeding and maxing 24. The following event, an AUSIA training event, maxed 19. They finished their week with a successful invasion, maxing 19, of Silver Empire’s Jackhammer.


6.Army of Club Penguin.The Army of Club Penguin had a busy week with a total of 6 events. They began with a practice battle vs the Ice Warriors maxing 13. In a quest for more land, 15 clovers then logged on to successfully claim the territory of Ice Breaker. For a more laid-back event, ACP joined the Help Force in an AUSIA training event where they maxed 14. The following day, another AUSIA sled tournament saw them peak with 17 troops online. Their second-to-last event had 15 members of their UK division log on for a Halloween dress up party. The clovers closed the week with 13 mummies seen at their “The Walking Deadguins” event.



7.People’s Imperial Confederation.The People’s Imperial Confederation had 4 events this week. They began their week with a ghost themed event maxing 12 troops. The next event had a total of 7 troops for the Vengeance defence of Snow Angel. After this they invaded Slushy, battling the Water Vikings with 26 troops. To end their week, they held a US battle and successfully invaded Berg and emerged victorious with 18 troops.

8.Special Weapons and Tactics.SWAT has made a comeback this week, with 3 events in total.  The agents started off by abandoning their green and black uniforms for a Pink takeover, with 17 members attending.  A ghastly event followed with 19 members logging on, for a Ghost Costume Takeover.  SWAT ended their week with 10 agents logging on for an AUSIA event where everyone donned on their favourite helmets.


9.Silver Empire.Silver Empire had a quieter week, holding 4 events in total.  Starting off strong, the Silvers and their Western Bloc alliance, successfully defended Ice Breaker against Help Force and maxed 10 while doing so.  Next up, a Mommy? Sorry, Mommy? Event saw a total of 14 mummies trying to escape the CPR Halloween maze.  Bringing back their Divisional Battles, the Silvers split into werewolves vs vampires for a haunting battle, maxing 11 monsters.  Finishing off in the same way they started,  Silver Empire alongside their allies once again, battled Help Force for the land of Jackhammer, where said land was added to the Silvers territory.

10.Tiger Warriors.Tiger Warriors (TW) had a great week to end off the month of October. A total of 5 events was hosted. TW first hosted a training event, which 8 warriors attended. They held two unscheduled events, which maxed 9 and 14, respectively. They finished off their week with two more training, which the first one maxed 9 and their EU training maxed 10.


We’re at the end of October and with tournaments coming soon, many armies are already preparing.

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