Shields Against Weapons: Templars Declare War On Special Weapons And Tactics

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network – In the midst of a flurry of war declarations, on October 26th, the Templars declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics. They also announced that they will be reviving the Red Dawn Alliance to fight this war. What led to this sudden announcement?

The Templars are an army formed by Xing on April 4th, 2018. The army is infamous for their several controversies. However, despite multiple defaces and exhaustive wars, it continues to be one of the strongest armies in the community. The Templars often place high on the leaderboard. Additionally, they also participated in the Champions Cup VI tournament, fighting their way to the finals before losing to the Water Vikings.

Templars in the Champions Cup VI Finals against the Water Vikings.

Ganger90 created the Special Weapons and Tactics army all the way back in 2009. The army has been a major force throughout its generations, with heavy involvement in some of the major wars of this community. With such a rich history and experience, the Special Weapons And Tactics are currently a part of the Western Bloc alliance, along with the Silver Empire and the Water Vikings.

A recent SWAT event along with the rest of the Western Bloc.

In July, earlier this year, the Special Weapons And Tactics declared war on the Templars. This war resulted in a win for the black and green army, and now the two sides face each other once again in a much more intense conflict. The Templars, while declaring war on the Special Weapons And Tactics, also revived the Red Dawn Alliance. The renowned alliance was created by Xing, Cobra, Cooky2 and Edu14463 in 2018. The purpose of this alliance was to take on the Rebel Penguin Federation, however the offensive eventually led to World War VII. In addition, they fought against Epic101‘s Redemption Force.

The Red Dawn Alliance invading during World War VII

Currently, the armies involved in the Red Dawn Alliance are the Templars, People’s Imperial Confederation, the Dark Vikings, the Eclipse and the Trojans. All of these five armies have declared war upon both Special Weapons And Tactics and any other army within the Western Bloc Alliance. This war declaration certainly came as a shock to many people.

Club Penguin Army Network decided to reach out to both Special Weapons And Tactics and Templars leaders for a statement regarding this war. Here’s what they had to say:

Xing [Templars]: The Empire has decided that the best option, out of all the options we were considering, SWAT is the perfect war target. Seeing as how they tried their best to run away from wars in the past and used underhanded tactics against us in our most previous war against them, I’ve decided to declare war upon SWAT as a act of support for HF’s side of the conflict. Seeing as how the Western Bloc Alliance, internally, are extremely toxic as outlined in my post, they deserve the full might of the Templar Empire and whatever it has to offer. I’ve known for sometime, that the High Council of Vikings has repeatedly used SE and made extremely graphic and somewhat perverted comments towards individuals in SE. My source is from one of the SE higher ups I’ve known for some time at this point. Now, moving onto SWAT, we’ve also known for a long time that they may or may not have been linked to the downfall of CPAH. They were previously or probably still associated with those doxxers and hackers that took out CPAH long ago as well as many other army leaders such as the ones in both SE and WV. On the other hand, we’ve come to know that SWAT, especially their leaders, Kaliee and Mare have used low-blow tactics in our last war in their best attempts to end the war as quick as possible due to the one-sided war score for Templars. Going forward to SE now, SE has it’s fair share of abuses. I’ve known people, former SE people that is, that have came out with unsurprising stories of SE being abusive to their staff and troops. Also, when we were approached by certain SE higher ups, we were told that we’d be given more benefits and more troops and whatnot. I knew this was a sham and was not meant to last. I would never ever again stoop so low to side with degenerate who make this community an even worse place to be in. Overall, the Empire’s choice is clear and firm. We do not respect degeneracy and will exterminate it one way or another.


Mare [SWAT]: I don’t know the point of this war since they have no access to land, but pop off king

It seems that the Templars continue to build up their resources and get ready to invade, with the first invasion all set to begin on October 28th. With both armies seemingly equally matched up against each other, Club Penguin Army Network will continue to keep you updated.

What do YOU think? Who will secure the victory in this latest conflict? What does this new declaration mean for the community? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server! 

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