End Of The Road: Trojans And Wet Army Penguins War Concludes

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Two months after the beginning of the war, the Trojans of Club Penguin released a post declaring that their war against the Wet Army Penguins is over. What is the history of this war, and how did it come to an end?

The Trojans are an army created in October 2020. Formerly known as the Skateboarders, they did not stick around for a long time in their first generation. The army rebranded into Fire Warriors, which marked the end of the Trojans. However, Ivy, Legoman and TastyPantaloon revived the Skateboarders in July 2021. In August, they once again rebranded to Trojans, and are currently solo led by Ivy. They recently placed 10th on the Top Ten Armies list.

A recent Trojans Event.

The Wet Army Penguins received a lot of limelight recently. They are currently at war with the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Eclipse of Club Penguin. Pandor and Toxic Storm, the current leaders of the army, created it on August 7th. While the army was originally intended to be a meme army, it grew serious eventually. As of currently, the army is one of the top small/medium armies in the community. They are also a recognized colony of the Water Vikings, and placed 9th on the Top Ten Armies list.

Wet Army Penguins maxing 21 against the Trojans in the battle on October 23rd.

Following the Trojans raiding several Wet Army Penguins events, the raided army declared war on the Trojans on September 4th. In turn, the Trojans accused them of troop stealing and disrespecting their army. However, despite the heated exchange of words, the war did not take off quickly due to several complications. In the end, just three official battles took place in this war.

The first battle, held in September, ended with a draw. The final two battles, fought on October 23rd and 24th, resulted in Wet Army and Trojan victories respectively. Following this, both the armies agreed to conclude the war between them, with the result being a draw. In their website post, the Trojans went on to congratulate their troops on the success they achieved during this war.

CP Army Network decided to approach the Wet Army Penguins’ leader Pandor for a statement regarding the closure of this long war.

We have decided to end the war due to both sides being willing to take it as a draw. We hope no future conflict should arise as we have discussed and agreed to with the trojans.

The leader of the Trojans, Ivy, refused to provide a statement with regards to the war.

Following this rough patch, the Trojans look set for a period of peace. Meanwhile, the Wet Army Penguins continue to make war efforts with them, actively partaking in two ongoing wars. Will the army win its upcoming wars as well? Club Penguin Army Network is sure to keep you updated on any news.

What do YOU think? Will these two armies fight against each other in the battlefield in another war anytime soon? What lies in the future for these armies? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord Server! 

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CP Army Network Reporter

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