Eclipsed Waters: Wet Army Penguins Declare War On Eclipse

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – After Pink Cloud’s recent promotion to Eclipse Commander, the Wet Army Penguins have declared war on the Eclipse of Club Penguin. What built up to this conflict and how will the Eclipse respond?

The Eclipse of Club Penguin is a new face in the community. Created by Todoro in late July this year, the Eclipse are a modest small-medium army, averaging around 6 penguins per event. In mid-September, Eclipse re-branded from an army to a fun gaming server. On October 3rd, Eclipse leader Da Best announced a triumphant return to the army community. Additionally, the Eclipse placed twelfth in the most recent Top Ten.

Eclipse during their comeback event.

Much like Eclipse, the Wet Army Penguins are a relatively new army in the community. Founded by Pandor in early August, the Wet Army Penguins was initially a meme army, taking home the Best Meme Army award at the Night of Debauchery. From there, the Wet Army Penguins evolved into a legitimate small-medium army. In their short existence, the Wet Army Penguins have faced numerous other armies, such as the Trojans, with their most recent war being against the Special Weapons and Tactics.

The Wet Army Penguins during a recent event.

On October 15th, the Eclipse leadership published a statement. In the post, Eclipse leaders detail multiple issues encountered with the Wet Army Penguins, including alleged staff-stealing and the manipulation of the Top Ten. Moreover, the Eclipse supported the Trojans in their recent struggles with the Wet Army. Following the statement, the Eclipse scheduled an invasion for Snow Drift, controlled by Wet Army Penguins. Shortly after the event, the Wet Army Penguins issued a declaration of war.

The Eclipse’s conflict with the Wet Army Penguins.

Club Penguin Army Network was able to reach out to Eclipse founder and leader Todoro for a statement regarding the war.

How do you think Eclipse will perform in this war?

Well, I think Eclipse will do ok during it. As main leader Ecp, I will make sure that we do our very best throughout the war.

What do you hope to gain from this war?

As we are slowly growing as a small/medium army, we hope to gain more strength along with more respect as well from the Wet Army Penguins.

All I can say really is that, thank you to those who is supporting eclipse during this war. As Always, ECLIPSE FTW!!

Todoro is confident in Eclipse’s ability to come out of this war on top. Succeeding a strong comeback, the Eclipse are looking to gain land and influence in the community. Club Penguin Army Network wishes good luck to both sides during this conflict.

What do YOU think? Will the Wet Army Penguins come out of yet another war with more land? Or will the Eclipse of Club Penguin take this opportunity to claim some land? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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