Top 10 Armies [10/10/2021-16/10/2021]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: Invasions, wars, themed weeks and alliances.  This has not been your average week in CPA and the Top Ten is evident of that.  With more shuffling since last week, we see armies giving it all they got to stay on top.

1. Ice Warriors [+0] (68.13)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (62.33)

3.Help Force [+0] (56.8)

4. Army of Club Penguin [+0] (38.66)

5. Templars [+0] (37.75)

6. Silver Empire [+0] (35.75)

7. Water Vikings [+0] (33.4)

8. Trojans [+3] (21.8)

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] (20.3)

10. Red Ravagers [-1] (19.8)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Tiger Warriors [RETURN] (15.5)

11. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+1] (15.5)

12. Eclipse [+2] (14.33)

13. Dark Vikings [+2] (11.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

Disclaimer part 2:  The Templars of Club Penguin were caught fabricating their events, and were therefore deducted 20 total points (10 points per fake event).  You can see proof with screenshots and time stamps here.  Such acts are and will not be tolerated in CPAN, and any army that is found to break the rules in any way will be met with the appropriate consequences.

1. Ice Warriors: This week the Ice Warriors celebrated with a Heroes vs Villains themed week, beginning with their AUSIA kickoff event which maxed 42 penguins. Following this they hosted a Sled Racing Tournament, in which 41 racers raced down the ski hill. They then hosted a U-Lead for their AUSIA division, maxing 37, with a Ghostbusters’ themed battle against the Water Vikings. Having hosted Icey’s Food Takeover which maxed 32 troops, the Warriors ended their busy week with a Catch the Villain event, maxing 43 penguins.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a total of nine fantastic events this week! To start things off, they had their operation: spooky third dimension, where their troops wore 3D glasses. A total of 28 spooky penguins attended. Their first AUSIA event was their handful of pumpkins event, and together a total of 23 penguins went trick-or-treating. RPF hosted their first sled racing tournament, and 26 sled racers came out to participate. Next up was their spooky monster smash event. Troops dressed as monsters, and a total of 32 monsters attended the event. The second AUSIA event consisted of their Flex event, where troops showed off their favorite items of a dance of special moves—weird Flex tho. A total of 25 flexors showed off during this event. Is there something smelling swampy in here? Nope that just RPF hosting their Slime event, with 22 slime masters attending. RPF also hosted their first jetpack adventure tournament! 31 jet packers flew into attendance. Their last AUSIA event of the week was their OPeration: Relay Rushers event. The rebels wore red and blue cars that represented their branches! A total of 32 drivers attended. They ended a successful week with a capture the flag event and 30 ghost/ghost catchers accompanied.

3. Help Force: Help Force had a busy week, with 5 events all of which were invasions.  They kicked things off, with the invasion of Silver Empire’s server, Downhill, where they maxed 26.  A total of 38 helpers logged on to defend Ice Cream in another battle against Silver Empire, in which they walked away victorious.  The Vengeance alliance, a new alliance between Help Force, Red Ravagers and the Army of Club Penguin logged on to invade Sled from Silver Empire.  They maxed 42 in total.  The Vengeance alliance logged on once again to invade successfully invade Down Under from Silver Empire once again, and maxed 29 in the process.  The last invasion of the week was the invasion of Cream Soda, where 25 helpers managed to claim the land.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of CP had a busy week, holding 6 events in total. First, 20 cars drove over to Radiator Springs for a fun car takeover event. Next, the Army of CP helped their allies on the battlefield, facing off against the Western Bloc three times, maxing 20, 16, and 16. Next, 17 wizards stormed the island to practice their spellwork. To conclude their week, 12 ghost hunters eradicated any remaining ghosts from last year’s Halloween Party.

5. Templars:The Templars had a busy week with six events.Their first tournament battle of the week, against Silver Empire, showed a max of 47. At a practice battle with the People’s Imperial Confederation, the Templars showed a strong size of 37. They then held another unscheduled training, with 35 in attendance. Their final event of the week, a tournament battle against the Wet Army Penguins, peaked at 40 Templars.


6. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held 4 events this week. Their first event was an EU invasion of ice cream where they saw 21 troops. Next, a US invasion of Down Under saw the Army max 15 troops. 18 Silvers logged on for an EU defense of cream soda. To end their week the army saw 15 log on for the Champions Cup VI battle against Templars.

7. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held a total of 4 events this week. They started the week with an Ausia fun fashion show were they max a total of 11 penguins in games. For the EU event, they had a fun Ghosts vs Ghostbusters with the Ice Warriors, we saw a max of 14 Vikings. The next day a fun tournament “Thin the Ice Tournament ” where we saw a total of 20 blue penguins. For the last event it was a fun Ausia division and some dance contest afterwards with 13 penguins online.

8. Trojans: The Trojans held 5 events this week. They kicked off their week with an EU training event, maxing 9 penguins. They then held a US costume party event, also maxing 9. Their next event, another EU training, hit a max of 6 penguins online. They then had a US Coffee Day event and maxed 10 penguins again. They finished off their week with an EU Practice Battle against the Eclipse of Club Penguin, and achieved a max size of 8 penguins.

9. People’s Imperial Confederation: PIC held a total of 3 events for this week. To begin, they had a Practice Battle with the Templars where they had maxed 7 confederates online. Moving forward, 11 penguins had logged on to practice tactics followed up by a fun Hide and Seek event. To finish the week, 11 candy corns had practiced more tactics following up with playing Find Four in their Candy Corn Crew Event.

10. Red Ravagers Red Ravagers had a total of 6 events this week!! They first hosted their Jug’s insomnia event, which, yes, Jug should go to sleep! A total of 13 insomniacs attended the event. Did someone say DOWN with the HCOM? RR then hosted their bully HCOM event with a total of 9 ravagers attending. RR also had a Hide & seek event, and eight penguins attended. Red Ravagers was also busy with invasions as well! They had their vengeance invasion, where four penguins attended. RR then defended Down Under and invaded cream soda, where they maxed 4 and 3, respectively.

Many changes were observed this week and there’s more to come as we head further into the fall season.  Stay tuned to see how the Top Ten Board will change and also what’s next to come in the army community.

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