Misty Sails Back To Water Vikings Leadership

ICE BERG, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings recently saw a familiar face coming back to the leadership team. How will Misty’s return impact the Vikings?

The Water Vikings first appeared in 2010 as a result of a merge between the Water Troops, led by Zak, and the Masked Vikings, led by Jed Pen. Throughout their time in the community, they established themselves as one of the most well known armies. Currently, the army reaches sizes of approximately 20+ and secures a spot in the weekly top tens. Additionally, they took part in many tournaments and wars, such as last year’s Eagre Foray. Their long history and variety of accomplishments establish the Water Vikings as one of the most prominent armies in the community.

Water Vikings during a recent event.

Misty was introduced to armies on October 25th, 2020, when she joined the Water Vikings. She climbed up the ranks until gaining leadership on late April. Nevertheless, two months after her addition, Misty retired due to real life situations. On August 2021, she became a founder and current leader of the Wet Army Penguins, one of the Viking’s allies. She would go on to help lead the allied army before making a comeback to her original army.

Last month, Misty rejoined the Water Vikings as Leader in Training. On October 11th, 2020, Misty posted a brief announcement on the Water Vikings’ Discord server, announcing her imminent return to the leadership team. With her past experience leading the Water Vikings, as well as the Wet Army Penguins, Misty stated that she is excited to bring the army to new heights.

Misty announcing her return to Water Vikings’ leadership.

To find out more regarding this decision, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Misty for an interview.

First, why did you return to the Vikings’ Leadership?

Aaron dm’d me saying misty it’s time, I said damn ok and we started talking about pie. I didn’t really think about it, but I’m definitely glad to be back.

What do you plan to achieve as a Leader?

I want to see us break into that top 4 again. WV is going to reestablish ourselves as a powerhouse.

What’s your favorite moment in the Water Vikings so far?

How am I supposed to choose? Everyday is amazing there lmao.

Any last comments?

Pineapple belongs on pizza, but only if there’s also ham. I’m a chef y’all can’t touch me k byeeee.

We wish good luck to Misty during her journey as returning leader of the Vikings! It will be interesting to see how the army fares after this addition. Club Penguin Army Network will continue to keep you updated.

What do YOU think? Will Misty achieve her goals as leader? What’s next for the Water Vikings? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord server!


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