The Western Bloc Emerges: WV, SE and SWAT Form An Alliance

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – A new alliance known as The Western Bloc has emerged within the community. Who is involved and how did these 3 armies come to ally together?

Founded in 2009 by Ganger90, Special Weapons and Tactics keeps ties with many other armies throughout the community. With a vast amount of claimed territories, they take part in numerous tournaments, such as March Madness. In July 2021, SWAT Declared war on the Templars. Less than 2 weeks after the declaration, Special Weapons and Tactics came out on top. Additionally, they uphold consistent positions in the weekly top tens.

The Water Vikings originally surfaced in 2010 as a result of breaking from their host army. The Water Vikings have been involved in many major events in the army community, most recently in their war with the Templars. Moreover, they are normally able to stand their ground in the weekly top tens. The Water Vikings also own a variety of land in the army map. Their extensive history makes the army a renowned face in the army scene.

The Silver Empire is a fairly recent army in comparison, founded in April 2020 by Zach and Jimmy. They are notorious for owning a wide set of territories, achieving second place in the leaderboard. They are also well known for reaching maxes of 20+ during their battles. Additionally, the army often partakes in multiple battles. Most notably, on October 9th, 2021, they declared war on the Help Force as a result of multiple unprovoked invasions. 

The Western Bloc’s logo.

On October 11th, 2021, the three armies announced the formation of the Western Bloc. The alliance’s name stems from their prominent joint ownership of the western portion of the map. Following a lengthy period of discussion amongst the leaders of the armies, this alliance came to fruition. 

Announcement from WV concerning the Western Bloc.

Club Penguin Army Network reached out to army leaders Aaronstone, df44, and G90 to learn more about the formation of the alliance and what it means for their future:

What led to your army’s decision to participate in the alliance?

G90: We had already allied with WV individually and we wanted to work on building some stronger relationships with more armies

Aaronstone: This was something that Revan and I were thinking about for a long time so we wanted to put it into action.

df44: The Western Bloc isn’t a war alliance, it’s an alliance idea that had been floating around for some time now. We were already brother allies with Water Vikings, but we felt it would bring us all closer to further aligned with SWAT as well.

What statement can you provide regarding the Western Bloc?

G90 has not yet provided a statement.

Aaronstone: Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi

df44: The Western Bloc is a pact between our three armies to connect and work closely together by giving our support to one other. We are excited to see what this alliance brings to the table.

The announcement of this alliance creates new possibilities for each army’s capability and possible strength. Each leader is confident in their decision to ally, and looks forward to their future with one another.

What do YOU think? How will this alliance impact the future of the army community? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server.


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