Not Drying Up: SWAT Declares War On WAP

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons And Tactics Capital – After witnessing an old war resurface, a new war is on the horizon between the Special Weapons And Tactics and Wet Army Penguins. What was the cause behind it?

The Special Weapons and Tactics army was originally created in 2009 by well known Army Legend Ganger90. From their creation, the army rapidly rose to prominence. Currently, the Special Weapons and Tactics secure consistent positions in the weekly top tens. They are also notorious for engaging in a variety of wars; such as their preceding war against the Templars.

SWAT facing off against the Templars.

The Wet Army Penguins jumped into the army scene earlier this year, founded by Pandor and ToxicStorm. Despite its fairly recent arrival, the army secured the award for Best Troll Army in the Night of Debauchery celebration. Additionally, the army now consistently places in the lower ranks of the weekly top tens, and continously plans invasions for territory. In addition, their ongoing war against their enemies, the Trojans, continues to intensify.

WAP during a recent event.

Yesterday, Special Weapons and Tactics published a website announcement titled “WAY 2 SEXY WAR” in which they cited their terms for war alongside a Post Script. With the Wet Army Penguins’ ongoing war, tensions seem to escalate for the ever-growing army. At this point in time, there is a lack of scheduled invasions and battles.

The Terms of War.

In order to learn more about this surprising war declaration, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Coolguy and Pandor for a statement regarding the new conflict:

Pandor: Way 2 sexy for you (mare & coolguy)

Coolguy: I’m…to sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan (fill in the blank) and Japannnnnn

With both armies heading to war, the community will be seeing some action for sure. Club Penguin Army Network will keep you up-to-date on any new developments during this period of time. Best of luck to both armies!

What do YOU think? Will SWAT strategize their win with special tactics or will WAP wipe the floor with them? Let us know your thoughts in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord Server! 


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