Trojans Declare War on Wet Army Penguins

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – On October 3rd, the Trojans declared war on Wet Army Penguins. What caused this declaration to happen? Click continue reading to find out more.

The Trojans, formerly known as the Skateboarders, led by Ivy posted a war declaration on their website. In it, they explained that their main motivation behind the war was the apparent troop stealing of Trojan troops by WAP and insults made by WAP leaders to the Trojans. In spite of the brief hiatus in the battles, hostilities between the two armies have been high since early September when WAP declared war on the Trojans. The terms of the war set by the Trojans are as follows,

War Terms


War Terms set by the Trojans

The Wet Army Penguins, a relatively new entrant into the CPA community, were founded on August 7th 2021 by Toxic Storm and Pandor and have manged to consistently max 5-10, and recently as high as 16. They’ve also built up their reputation as a meme army and eventually went on to win the Best Troll Army award in the recent Night of Debauchery celebration.

A recent WAP vs Army of CP battle

The Trojans, formerly known as the Skateboarders, have been around since October of 2020 after being founded by Ivy and Lukey. In the past few months, the Trojans were involved in a conflict with Elite Federals and participated in the S/M army tournament Challengers Cup 2.

Trojans (Skateboarders) vs Secret Service during round 2 of the challengers cup

CP Army Network reached out to both armies to gain more insight about this declaration and how it would impact both armies

Interview Section

How do you think how will this war turned out?

Pandor: WAP win

Ivy: Trojans will win

What do you think the result of this war will change the status of the army?

Pandor: No

Ivy: We will win against WAP. They rely on others for success while claiming it as their own, so this war will bring out their true colours

Anything else you want to add?

Pandor: Fear WAP

Ivy: No

Both sides seem eager to settle their disputes on the battlefield and just like recent wars involving S/M armies, this conflict doesn’t seem like it will end soon. We wish both armies the very best of luck!

What do YOU think? Which army do you think will emerge victorious? Let us know your thoughts on CPAN Discord server.

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