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SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The development of the Untitled Army Game, a new army-based CPPS has been announced. What led to this announcement and how will it affect the future of Club Penguin Armies?

In June 2019, CP Armies: The Game was created in an effort to unite armies across the board. Armies from all over the world would host their battles, invasions, and participated in major tournaments. After closing for good in May 2020 in the midst of the DMCAs from Disney, the army community finally united under the CPPS CPArmies which hosted tournaments such as Fright or Fight and Christmas Chaos X. As 2020 drew to a close, so did the support for Adobe’s Flash Player, the software which allowed all CPPSes to run resulting in the closure of CPArmies. Ever since the closure of CPArmies, armies have had to rely mostly on CP Rewritten which has posed a unique challenge to all armies.

Superhero123 has been in the army community for 9 years across various armies. He currently serves as an Advisor in the Water Vikings after stepping down as Leader in March 2021. He is most popularly known for being the creator of CP Armies: The Game and developing it until it was shut down. In 2020, he received the highly prestigious title of Army Legend.

Recently, Superhero123 announced the release of a new Armies CPPS called the Untitled Army Game.

Superhero announcing UAG in CPAN

While the game itself has not yet been released to the public, the community has received a few sneak peeks such as how the penguins will appear in game:

A screenshot from UAG

Similar to the previous CPPS, UAG’s goal is to round up armies from different leagues. In an effort to build the community, they are currently hiring for moderators, designers, and developers.

The CP Army Network reached out to Superhero123 to learn more about the development of the Untitled Army Game and his plans for the community:

Interview Section

What was your inspiration behind creating the Untitled Army Game?

Superhero123: My inspiration behind creating UAG is obviously CPATG lol, my previous army CPPS in combination with the lack of a proper CPPS for armies in the current army scene. What is much more interesting is what inspired me to create CPATG in the first place, but the state of the community in May 2019 was much different than the current one. In general though, the driving motive has been giving the whole CPA community a CPPS that will serve its needs and essentially be defined by it, which can drive CPA warfare to heights never before achievable. It is a server made by the CPA community, and for the CPA community. Another important thing that inspired me to create CPATG was the lack of unity in CPA, with the community back then being split into the “CPR side” and the “CPO side”. I attempted to unite the community into a 3rd party roof, although unfortunately despite my efforts it only worked out after CPO’s shutdown. However, with the current community also being partly split in a sense due to the whole CPAHQ/CPAN situation (altho to a much lesser degree than before), it seems that a server like UAG is needed more than ever. Hopefully it will help in bridging the gap between the two organizations.

How will the UAG differ from other army CPPS games in the past?

Superhero123: First of all the most important difference is that UAG is not dependent on Adobe Flash Player, and therefore it can function properly in the post-Flash era, which we are currently at. Secondly, thanks to the extremely great support UAG has received so far from the community, I was able to form the biggest and most capable staff team out of any of the previous army CPPSes. This makes it possible to achieve much more, both in terms of code-based features as well as in terms of graphics related work. However, the initial goal is to rebuild CPATG essentially. Thirdly, unlike all other army CPPSes in the past, UAG is going to be running fully independent from leagues/organizations, even having a separate Discord server. Organizations are allowed and welcomed to host their tournaments/events in UAG and the staff team will do its best to help them both in terms of organizing, as well as in terms of providing moderation and graphics work, with those perks not being exclusive to any specific org. Any organization is free to present its idea/plan to the UAG team and, if its something viable and we are given enough time to prepare, we will support the project.

What impact do you think the UAG will have on the Club Penguin Army community?

Superhero123: I honestly got no clue. It depends on how good the CPPS turns out to be (testing is much needed but we are not there yet), and also whether armies choose to actually use the CPPS. The whole UAG team will try its best in making the community more interesting and getting everyone together :D, hopefully we succeed!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Superhero123: Wear your seat belts and be really careful when driving. Also, good luck to everyone who is on exams period like me, things are pretty tough. Hope to see you all in UAG (hopefully it turns out good)!


The release of the Untitled Army Game has sparked curiosity and excitement amongst the community. We’re looking forward to see how it will affect the future of Club Penguin Armies!

What do YOU think? Will YOU be trying out the Untitled Army Game once it is released to the public? Leave YOUR comments on the CPAN Discord server!


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