Top Ten Armies [8/29/21]-[9/5/21]

SNOW STORM, CPAN TT’s Office – As the infamous September drop is prominent as ever, armies are still trying to adapt.  With many armies also shutting down, the Top Ten is experiencing a lot of shuffling.

1. Ice Warriors [+1] (66.08)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] (61.23)

3. Templars [+1] (53)

4. Help Force [-1] (50.06)

5. Army of Club Penguin [+0] (47.68)

6. Water Vikings [+0] (40.34)

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] (32.75)

8. Silver Empire [+0] (28.5)

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] (24.95)

10. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+1] (23.55)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Red Ravagers [-1] (19.7)

12. Wet Army Penguins [RETURN] (17.66)

13. Eclipse [+2] (13)

14. Golden Troops [-1] (9.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held 6 events this week. They kicked their week off with an AUSIA battle with the Help Force, followed by playing Dance Contest, in which they maxed 36. Next they had an EU/US battle with the Red Ravagers and hit a max of 36 again, and finished the event with some Capture the Flag. Their next event was a U-Lead and Sled Racing tournament, and they hit a max of 33 at this EU/US event. Following this, they held another EU/US battle, maxing 37, this time against the Templars, and followed it with a Smoothie Smash contest. They proceeded to have an EU/US LIT takeover event along with a Cart Surfer contest, and they hit a max of 29 penguins online. They finished off their week with a battle with RPF, followed by a Card Jitsu Fire tournament, hitting a max of 36.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a busy week, holding 8 events in total.  Sunday began with an HCOM vs Troops hide n seek, with 31 attending.  Two music events followed on Tuesday, AUSIA Operation: Rebel Band and US Operation: Noteworthy, with 29 and 30 musicians attending respectively.  An apron event the following day, saw a max of 30 day chefs and baristas.  A total of 30 detectives logged on on Thursday for an AUSIA Murder Mystery event.  Continuing with the week, Operation: Nacho Libre saw a max of 21 sombrero-donning penguins.  The rebels finished off their week with a Bratz-Doll Takeover event and a Practice Battle with allies, Ice Warriors, maxing 26 and 33 respectively.

3. Templars: The Templars hosted a total of 4 events this week. Their first event was a battle with the People’s Imperial Confederation which saw a max of 33. Next, the army saw 37 troops for an Ice Warriors Practice Battle. A troops lead was next and that saw a total of 30 in attendance. To end off the week the Templars saw a battle with Silver Empire that maxed a total of 41.

4. Help Force: Help Force held a total of 5 events throughout the week. They started with an AUSIA practice battle against Ice Warriors, maxing 22 penguins. Next, they held a music note themed event where they maxed 32 penguins. They then held two EU training events, “Lead the Band” and “Back to the Haul-Ways”, maxing 20 and 25 penguins respectively. Help Force ended the week with their “Special Missions: Polar Plans” training event, where they maxed 32 penguins.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin held a total of six events this week. To kick off their week, the Clovers hosted Family Feud with 27 Clovers battling it out. Next, they headed to the gym, with 20 troops getting those gains. Following their workout, 40 Clovers logged on to say farewell to their former leaders and HCOM, entering a new era with 24 members in attendance. After 16 troops waved goodbye to the summer chaos, ACP got back to business and battled the Water Vikings with 21 troops participating.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held a total of 5 events this week.  They kicked off their week with the last battle in their war with the Templars, claiming the win for both that battle and the war with a max of 24. Next up they held an AUSIA training event that saw a max of 12 penguins.  Another training event the following day maxed 20.  To continue on their week, 19 vikings logged on for a Revan and Shinde baby shower event.  Finishing off the way they started, the Water Vikings had an AUSIA Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, with a max of 9.

7. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation held 4 events this week.  Kicking things off with the successful invasion of Jack Frost from the Golden Troops, that saw a max of 18 penguins.  The following day, they claimed Puddles from the Post Malone Army and maxed 20 in the process.  To finish off their week, two consecutive invasions followed against the Golden Troops, of Southern Lights and Migrator.  People’s Imperial Federation emerged victorious from both, maxing 15 and 14 respectively.

8. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held a total of 4 events this week. First up, they held an US Find Four Tournament, where they maxed 16 penguins online. They continued their week with an EU event, maxing 11 penguins. On Saturday they reached 11 penguins  for their AUSIA event. To finish off their week, they held an EU practice battle against the Templars of Club Penguin, which reached a total of 13 penguins online.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: Special Weapons and Tactics had a calm week with two events. Their first event of the week, an AUSIA Longboard takeover saw a max of 15 agents. Their following Purple Viking Helmet event peaked at 20.

10. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters: This week the Dua Lipa Inn Fighters hosted two USA training events and obtained great maxes this week! On their first training event, they obtained a 20 penguin max. On their following event, they maxed 16 penguins in total!

This week’s Top Ten has seen a decrease in both number of armies and number of attendances in each army.  As September drop continues to influence the Club Penguin Army community, how will the armies deal with its effects?

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