Flooding In: People’s Imperial Confederation Witnesses a Wave of Retirements

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – In the midst of the War of Rusting Hope, the Peoples Imperial Confederation has just witnessed a flood of retirements. How will this affect the war?

Peoples Imperial Confederation was created by Sidie9 in October 2019. The Confederation participated in practice battles and declared war against the Recon Federation and the Army of Club Penguin in late 2019. However, the army shut down a few months later due to inactivity. The army was later revived in March of 2020 by NotManuGinobili and Sidie9, participating in World War Rewritten. Later on, the army fell into disorganization and merged into the Tamales on August 17th, 2020. Recently the People’s Imperial Confederation has participated in tournaments such as the 2021 March Madness and reaching the finals of the Challengers Cup II. Currently, the Confederation has been fighting the Golden Troops in the ongoing War of Rusting Hope.

The Confederation battling Golden Troops during the War of Rusting Hope.

ThePieLord and Aydoon began their leadership on June 5, 2021, following the retirement of Shallissa and SupremeP0wer. Both Pie and Aydoon led the Confederation through the War of Rusting Hope, an ongoing war between the Golden Troops and the Confederation.

On September 3rd, 2021, ThePieLord and Aydoon announced their retirement as leaders. Alongside these retirements, Welp, former Fourth-in-Command, and Plant, former moderator, have both announced their retirement. In Pie’s statement, there were no reasons given on why the staff was retiring. However, Aydoon stated that they would be retiring due to personal conflicts and that their retirement would not be permanent.

ThePieLord announcing the retirements of Aydoon, Plant, and Welp.

The CP Army Network reached out to ThePieLord and Aydoon to gather more information about these mass retirements. The staff team was unable to receive a response from Aydoon currently but were able to contact Pie.

Pie: I retired from PIC mainly because I was getting busy as the school year started, and I wouldn’t be able to dedicate much time to PIC because of that.

With both ThePieLord and Aydoon retiring from leadership, the People’s Imperial Confederation is left with LEGOMAN and Shallisha as their leaders. We wish all the retirees the best of luck with their plans for the future. How will these retirements affect the current war? The CP Army Network will keep you updated with all updates regarding the People’s Imperial Confederation.

What do YOU think? How will the People fare without Pie and Aydoon? Will they make it through the September drop? Let us know in our Discord server!


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