CPAN Map Updates: August 15th – September 4th

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The army community witnessed some hectic weeks, with leaders stepping down, and new rising, armies leaving and joining, but, as always, the CPAN map stays as colourful as ever. The leaderboard has changed, as so has the map. Check out the post below to see what the map is looking like now.

Back in August, we saw Ugly rising to the position of Fire Warriorsmain leader, after this, the community witnessed an attack on the Red Ravagers‘ server and website. Furthermore, the LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! announced a multitude of leadership changes.

Alongside these, the Smart Penguins with the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops and on the Post Malone Army. Moreover, the Golden Troops and the Smart Penguins signed a ceasefire, ending their war. After the conflict, the Smart Penguins announced they would enter a lockdown.

Likewise, the army community saw a new conflict coming up, the Secret Service declared war on the Sidie’s Rangers, which was followed by an administrative note about the Sidie’s Rangers by F6sixer. While this was happening, the Secret Service witnessed a change in its leadership.

In addition, Real joined the Sea Serpents leadership, whilst the Fire Warriors saw some changes in their High Command before shutting down, as did the Secret Service. To end these eventful three weeks the Water Vikings declared war on the Templars and after five battles it came to an end. Here are the invasions of these past three weeks!

Invasions August 15th – September 4th

  • People’s Imperial Confederation – Froggy Rock (won from PMA) | Lighthouse (won from PMA) | Arctic (won from PMA) | Jack Frost (won from GT) | Puddles (won from PMA)
  • Golden Troops (all won from PMA) – Temperate Frost | Glacier | Misty | Sleddy Peninsula
  • Water Vikings – Transfers from SP – Glacier Canal | Blizzard Hills | Transfers from Sea Serpents – Patagonia | Rocky Road | Bunny Hill | BigFoot | Altitude | Sherbert | Vanilla | Sleet | Fog | Snowbound
  • Silver Empire Transfers from SP – Snow Angel | North Beret | Balaclava Bay | Evergreen | Ice Breaker | Transfers from Secret Service – Canoe | Sparkle | Cream Soda | Downhill | Down Under
  • Rebel Penguin Federation (all transferred from FW) – Oyster | Rainbow | Brumby | Adventure | Flippers | Grasshopper | Powder Ball | Cold Snap
  • Sea Serpents (all transferred from Secret Service) – Sardine | Christmas | Outback | Yukon
  • Ice Warriors (all transferred from FW) – Ice Palace | Hot Chocolate | Bonza | Snowfall | Snowboard | Snowy River | Cozy | Cloudy | Hockey
  • LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! (all transferred from Sea Serpents) – Shiver | Rocky Line | Yukon | Sardine | Outback | Christmas | Skates

CPAN map after the invasions and transfers of the last three weeks


Now, with ‘!lb‘ command, we can know which army has more territories and, in the last three weeks, the army community saw a huge change on the leaderboard. The current standings (September 4th):

First PlaceIce Warriors with 36 territories.

Second PlaceRebel Penguin Federation with 34 territories.

Third PlaceSilver Empire with 28 territories.

Check out the whole leaderboard at the CP Army Network’s Discord server!

Since the map was implemented, we have certainly seen some spice re-added to the community. With multiple wars and various invasions on the weekly, who knows what’s to come as September Drop looms over us.

What do YOU think? Will we have more wars? Are we going to have more conflict for territories? Leave YOUR thoughts on the CP Army Network discord server!


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