The Waves attack the Templars

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network – On August 22nd, the army community witnessed a war between the Water Vikings and the Templars. During this conflict, there were five battles. Which army declared themselves victorious?

On August 22nd, Aaron, the Water Vikings‘ leader, declared war on the Templars. Aaron said the reason for the war is due to troop stealing from the Templars. A few hours later, Legoman, one of the Templars advisor’s, accepted the war, stating that

War terms stated by the Water Vikings for the Templars.

First Battle (8/24/2021)

For the first battle of the war the Templars of Club Penguin managed to gain a huge size vantage, which helped them to win all of the three rooms, Water Vikings lost the battle with a score of 300.

Templars victory in the 08/24 battle.

Current Score: 1-0-0

Second Battle (8/25/2021)

We saw a different feel for this battle, the Templars entered first the rooms, but Water Vikings managed to win the battle with fewer penguins because of their choice of covering tactics. The Templars lost the second battle with a score of 201.

08/25’s battle results

Current Score: 1-0-1

Third Battle (8/26/2021)

For the third battle, we witnessed a very close match. Both armies fought very well in the first room, they covered each other and had ha similar sizes. In the second room, the Templars had a size advantage which allowed them to secure the second room quickly. However, the Vikings were able to win the last room due to their organization and clean tactics. In overtime, the Templars witnessed a loss of troops which allowed the Water Vikings to win the room with a final score of  211.

The Viking’s victory announced by judge Light.

Current Score: 1-0-2

Fourth Battle (8/28/2021)

For the fourth battle we saw the Templars leading the first room, the Water Vikings led it later, resulting in a tie.

On August 28th, the Templars and Water Vikings raced into another battle. The Templars and Vikings managed to cover each other equally in the first room, which resulted in a tie. The Templars and Water Vikings both had equal size advantages in the second room, which again led to a tie. However, the Templars were able to make a comeback in the third room, allowing them to win the battle with a total of 102.

Judge Spotty announcing the results of the 08/28 battle.

Current Score: 2-0-2

Fifth Battle (8/30/2021)

For the last battle of this war, the Templars didn’t log onto Club Penguin, resulting in their loss, allowing the Water Vikings to win this battle.

Final battle results declare the Water Vikings the winner of the 08/30 battle.

Final Score: 2-03

To find out more about the war, the Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Aaron and Xing for statements regarding the battles.

Aaron: It was a fun close war, I really enjoyed it. I don’t think people thought it would be as close as it was, let alone Water Vikings coming out on top.

Xing: Water Vikings had to use four to five allies at their last event to hit 20 penguins, they are dead. Templars victory bozos.

In the end, each army declared themselves as the winners. The Templars declared victory after the fourth battle when the scoreboard was tied, while the Water Vikings declared triumph after the fifth battle when the scoreboard was 3-2 to the Vikings. Did the Water Vikings or the Templars win this war? Will we see anymore conflicts between these two armies? The CP Army Network will cover all further updates regarding the Templars and the Vikings.

What do YOU think? Who YOU emerged victorious? Make sure to leave your thoughts on the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server.


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