Top Ten Armies: [8/22/21]-[8/28/21]

SNOW STORM, CPAN’S TT Office – This week the army community has been in turmoil. The famous storm, September Drop has made its appearance in the army community, putting many armies in panic. What are armies doing today to keep themselves alive on the top ten board? Read more below to find out.

1.  Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (74.58)

2. Ice Warriors [+0] (64.43)

3. Help Force [+0] (63.16)

4. Templars [+1] (56.7)

5. Army of Club Penguin [-1] (45.61) 

6. Water Vikings [+0] (44.0)

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] (28.75)

8. Silver Empire [+2] (28.0)

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] (23.1)

10. Red Ravagers [+5] (22.1)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+3] (20.0)

12. Secret Service [-1] (19.0)

13. Golden Troops [+3] (17.25)

14. Sea Serpents [+1] (8.5)

15. Eclipse of Club Penguin [+5] (7.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1.  Rebel Penguin Federation:  For this week, The Rebels hosted their summer Olympics, where we saw a max of 38 penguins at their AUSIA event. The same day they held an EU event with a total of 48 rebels. To finish the day strong we saw a max of 45. The next day they kick off a Jam-packed Monday with a total of 3 events where they max 38,41 and 41 Penguins online, respectively. To continue the festivity, again with 3 events the same day the Rebels max a total of 35 for the AUSIA event, 41 for their EU event, and for the US event, they max 39. Continuing their weekly events on Wednesday, we saw them max 30 for their AUSIA, 34 Rebels for their US event, and last but not least 31 for the US one. Thursday was also a busy day, where they max 30,33 and 26 Rebels online. Friday was a calm day with only one event where they max 26 for the US event.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had an exciting week, with 6 events in total.  They kicked things off strongly, with their Olympics Opening Ceremony, maxing 43.  A practice battle with the Dua in Lipa Fighters followed soon, with a max of 40.  To continue, 35 warriors logged on for an EU/US training event.  An exciting practice battle with Fire Warriors turned into a Connect 4 game showed a max of 30 members.  Their AUSIA division then donned their hard hats for a classic mining event with 32 miners drilling for coins.  To finish things off, 29 Ice Warriors logged on for a practice battle against the Silver Empire followed by a candy pizzatron game.

3. Help Force: Help Force had a busy week, holding 6 events in total. They began the week with The Great Igloo Raids of CPR, reaching a maximum of 43 troops in attendance. This was followed up by a doubleheader; Boom Blox and Gameday: Feed the Staff, with 34 and 32 helpers attending respectively. In continuation of their gameday events, Help Force held their Outpizza Hut event with 39 helpers participating, and another igloo raid with 25 troops getting their igloo stamps. To end their week, the Helpers faced off in their Elemental Summer Showdown featuring 30 Fire and Water team members fighting for glory within the motherland.

4. Templars: The Templars held a total of 5 events this week. First was a war training event that saw 34 troops logged on. Next, one of their war battles with Water Vikings took place which had 42 penguins online. The second war battle saw 30 templars logged on. Yet another war battle with 30 troops. Their fourth battle had 34 in attendance.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin held a total of six events this week. To kick off their week, the Clovers re-opened their pizzeria, with 22 customers waiting to be served. Following their opening, a mining trip was in store, with 24 miners attending. The Clovers then tasted the rainbow, with 22 taste testers in attendance. Next up, the Clovers saved the clovers, hosting 24. To begin their Pokemon-themed events, the Army of Club Penguin started by catching new Pokemon, with 30 trainers attending. To end their week, the Clovers found the power inside themselves, hosting 30.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a week filled with 4 war battles against the Templars. In their first battle, a US event, they maxed 20 and were defeated. In the following battle, they reached a max of 24 and came out on top. They maxed 22 penguins online in their third battle and secured another victory. However, they lost their fourth and last battle this week, and they hit a max of 19.

7. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation held 4 events throughout the week. They started with their successful invasion of the Post Malone Army’s Arctic, where they maxed 15 penguins. They then held an AUSIA training event, followed by a successful defense of Mittens against the Golden Troops, maxing 13 and 11 respectively. The army then ended the week with a war event against Sidie’s Rangers, maxing 10 penguins.

8. Silver Empire: This week, the Silver Empire had a total of 4 events. They kicked it off with “Kings and Queens of Rock and Roll”, a fun costume event where 15 members dressed up as Elvis Presley. Continuing with the musical theme, the next day, the army held a Dance Contest competition with a total of 14 participants. The following event saw the Silvers channel their inner trainer and embark on a Pokémon journey with a max of 15. For their last event, the Silver Empire held a practice battle with the Ice Warriors followed by some Pizzatron 3000 games maxing 9 penguins.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held 2 events this week. They kicked off their week with an AUSIA training which maxed 16 penguins. Their second and last event of the week reached a max of 20 penguins.

10. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had a total of 3 events this week! To begin with they hosted an EU hide and seek event which maxed 11 ravagers, making this event their highest max of the week. Their second event was a yellow ravagers takeover and maxed 8 penguins! They concluded their week by hosting a cart surfing tournament, in which they maxed another 8 penguins again.


This week’s top ten is definitely much smaller compared to last week. Next week could be even smaller due to recent news of other armies beginning to shut down. How will the community stay afloat? Tune in next week to see the results.

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