Sliding In: Real Joins Sea Serpents Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Sea Serpents Capital – Just within three months of their opening, the Sea Serpents witnessed a new addition to their leadership. Unlike the other leaders, Real is the first to be inducted as a Serpentine Commander. Will Sea Serpents be led to greater heights?

Following the second closure of the Army of Orient Seas, former staff members Myth, Alma, Darci45 and came together to form a new army. Hence, they founded the Sea Serpents of Club Penguin on 31st of May 2021. The Sea Serpents have been pretty consistent in their sizes and their events. They currently sit just outside the Top Ten armies.

Sea Serpents Opening Event in May 2021

Since their enrollment within the Club Penguin Army Network, the Sea Serpents have been actively invading lands and conquering territories. Presently, they have 13 territories under their name and are ranked seventh on the Club Penguin Army Network Server Map Leaderboard.

Despite having been opened for less than three months, Sea Serpents had been involved in a war with the Medieval Warriors. Due to a multilogging incident by a Medieval Warriors leader, the war concluded and the Sea Serpents emerged victorious.

Since Myth’s departure, a successor had not been named. However, just hours ago, Myth made an announcement in the Sea Serpents Discord server regarding Real‘s promotion.

Myth inducting Real into Sea Serpent’s leadership.

Real first started his army journey in Fire Warriors, where he was recruited on 7th February 2021. During his time in Fire Warriors, Real had participated in the March Madness battle against the Silver Empire. For his contributions in the battle, then-Fire Warriors leaders introduced Real as a trial staff member. Darci offered Real an opportunity to lead the Sea Serpents when the latter decided to leave Fire Warriors, which he accepted.

In hopes of getting to know the 5th Serpentine Commander better, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Real to learn more!

What made you decide to join the Sea Serpents?

So recently I got unmotivated in being staff for FW and I said I might retire in a group chat. After Austin left the leadership for FW, multiple staff and I decided to leave and never make a return. After that Darci messaged me to ask if I wanna lead his army and I said yes, he said he’ll discuss it with the other leaders and then promote me.

Since you’ll now be leading Sea Serpents, what do you hope to achieve in this army?

I would like to be an army legend and make SSCP the best S/M army out there or even get into major spots. That’s a really long journey and I don’t see it happening in the next few months but with hard work and a good team we can make it happen!

How do you think your past experiences as a staff member will help you as a new Sea Serpents leader?

Definitely learned that if I say something I am not only representing myself but I represent an army too. Saying the wrong things at a bad timing can cause chaos in any army.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


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We would like to congratulate Real on his new appointment. Real seems really excited to begin his next army journey phase and taking Sea Serpents to greater heights. While the Sea Serpents of Club Penguin are a relatively new army, they have won their first war. They have also seen a change of army leaders in the past three months since their opening.

What do YOU think? Will Real really lead Sea Serpents to join the ranks of the Top Ten? Or will they remain an S/M army? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord server’s general chat!


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